Piya Rangrezz 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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In the morning, Mama reads news paper and gets tensed. He shows news to Manohar and even he gets tensed and asks how did it happen. Mama says this news should not reach Bhavri and asks him to inform Bhavri’s business aides. Manohar informs all. Munmun also reads papers and gets tensed. Bhavri comes and Manohar drops water on news paper and runs to bring another one. Bhavri asks to switch on TV. Mama says TV is not working. Shamsher comes holding news paper. Bhavri asks to give news paper. He hesitates. Bhavri sees paper in Munmun’s hand, takes it and widens eyes seeing her pic picture. She asks Munmun to read paper who reads news by Chanda that Bhavri she is alive and has come back to destroy her.

Veer reads news paper, looks at Bhavri’s family pictures, laughs

and congratulates his mother Chanda that she is famous now in whole Azamgarh. Shamsher calls him and asks to come right now. Veer laughs and asks mom if she heard thief is asked to become protector, now he got invitation.

Shamsher tells Veer that Chanda harmed Aji amma and she was punished, if he sees her again, he will strangulate her from his hand and will cut her into pieces. Veer fumes in anger and cuts his hand with knife. Bhavri sees his injured hand and alerts him. Veer says even he got anger seeing Shamsher’s hatred. He smears blood on his forehead and says he will find out Chanda and bring her in front of her. Bhavri says let us see if it is Chanda or someone else. Veer says he will work hard and find it out and leaves.

Bhavri tells her family members that they are family and nobody can separate them, it is tough time for time as someone is trying to separate them and they should give him/her a harsh answer by showing nobody can dare to separate them. She sees Arjun missing and asks where is he. Anjali reminisces Arjun speaking to her that he overreacted seeing Veer with Aradhya and should go and apologize Aradhya for feeling insecure. Anjali says she does know where he is. Bhavri thinks where did he go/

Arjun jogs towards Aradhya’s home and thinks it is his punishment for doubting Aradhya. He stops near temple and thinks why it is tough to reach girl’s heart and starts shayari. He sees Aradhya’s car parked there and gets into temple. Aradhya prays god that she cannot reject her dad’s offer and does not want to disobey him. She performs aarti while Arjun watches her standing outside. Aradhya comes out of temple and he tells he thought she would not come out. He asks what is he doing here as he does not look like one who goes to temple. He says even she does not look like one who prays and says her red tika is looking good. She says she did not realize adn tries to wipe. He holds her hand and says it looks nice. He then says he did not get his answer. She gets nervous. Panditji comes and asks if she is coming tomorrow for her birthday pooja. She says yes. Arjun says he did not know it is someone’s birthday. She says it is simple one. He asks prasad. She shyingly gives prasad and leaves.

Bhavri comes to Arjun’s room and does not find him even there. Shamsher says she is too leniant with him, so he is misusing freedom, he must have gone to meet Aradhya. Bhavri shouts it is enough. Shamsher says even he is irritated on Arjun’s behavior. Bhavri asks if he remembers Chanda’s story. He says she told how he harmed their family. She says she is worried that Aradhya will do same same. Manohar comes and picks Arjun’s book from floor. Bhavri takes book and says looks like it is Arjun’s favorite book. She gives front page to servant and asks to get cake of this pic. Shamsher asks reason for celebration. Bhavri says she wants to give somuch love to Arjun that he forgets outside world. Shamsher says he will throw a lavish party for Arjun.

Veer gets party invitation from Shamsher. He smirks thinking of breaking their Arjun and Shamsher’s brotherhood.

Precap: Servant gives Chanda’s letter. Bhavri shouts at Chanda to come out. Chanda comes in front of her.

Update Credit to: MA

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