Piya Rangrezz 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aradhya gets out of home jail, picks mobile from sleeping Shamsher’s pocket and walks silently out hiding from servants. Gajri says she saw someone going. Her husband says girl cannot escape until Shamsher is there. Gajri says Shamsher is staring her continuously. He says just like he stares her. She gets shy.

Aradhya runs from farm house into jungle and tries to call from mobile, but could not due to network failure. She shouts for help. She then sees network and tries to call.

Tilakraj slaps his goon for failing to catch Arjun and Aradhya. He gets call from unknown number. Servant asks to switch on speaker. Aradhya says she escaped and he should come and pick her. He laughs and says sister that his daughter escaped.

Inspector calls Bhavri and informs her

that Aradhya escaped from farmhouse and called Tilakraj. She asks what rubbish he is talking. He says he is telling truth and police force is searching Aradhya. DIG calls him and he leaves.

Aradhya continues to run and reaches highway. Bhavri calls Shamsher’s number and asks why did not he pick mobile. Aradhya says her lalla is unconscious in farm house after inebriation, she will never get her and will feel what it is to fight with her. Bhavri says she will kill her. Mama calls servant and shouts that girl escaped.

Servant wakes up Shamsher. Shamsher kicks jail door and asks where is girl. Servant says she escaped. Shamsher slaps him and shouts Arjun..

Bhavri goes to Arjun’s room and says his aji amma’s dignity is in danger. He asks what happened. She says Aradhya escaped. Arjun gets into car with mama’s grandson.

Tilakraj celebrates with alcohol and says his sister that Aradhya proved that she is his daughter. Bhavri’s grandsons must have come out of haveli to search her and his men would have entered haveli to catch Bhavri.

Aradhya continues running and thinks when will his father come. Shamsher finds her running on road and shouts to stop. He picks gun and shouts he will shoot her. She continues running and stops seeing a lake down the cliff. Police van also comes. Shamsher holds her and jumps from cliff into lake. Inspector asks constables to jump and catch them, but they get afraid.

Tilakraj’s men kill Bhavri’s gaurds and enter haveli wearing mask. They see Bhavri walking and silently follow her. Bhavri gets into room.

Shamsher gets Aradhya out of lake and shakes her to wake her up. She does not. He then takes her behind stones and yells that she is doctor, but he has to save her. His duty was to kidnap her and not save. He pumps her stomach asking her to wake up and says he saw in film that water comes out if stomach is pressed, but she is not waking up. She spits water on his face and falls unconscious again. He shouts he did not work this harder for even Aji amma.

Tilakraj’s men follow Bhavri into store room and shout at her to come out. She locks them in store rooma and walks out. Bhavri comes form other side and it is revealed that Munmun fooled goons. Bhavri praises Munmun for her intelligence and says she is proud of her like Shamsher. She then reminisces asking Munmun if she wants to become like her, she should wear her clothes and look like her. Munmun asks what she means. Bhavri says Tilakraj’s men have surrounded haveli and she should fool them. Mama says he will shoot them all. Bhavri says let them lock in room, Tilakraj will be jumping angrily.

Precap: Arjun catches Aradhya. Aradhya says they should escape before Shamsher comes. Arjun says he has to take her back to haveli. Shamsher comes and says he told his brother acts as good, but is bad like him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hate to see sher with another girl.i wann kill the writers..if such kind of character had been given to shraddha the show would have been super hit but now its a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge flop!!!! go to hell???????????????????

    1. just because u write ff and people like it doesn’t mean u say this about other people who r more experienced than u ?????????

      1. I jut gave my views….nd I guess all agree with it…….sorry if u mind but wt is true is true

  2. I agree why couldn’t sharaddha play aradhyas role she didn’t have to be a mother of a kid

  3. Mehak Kharoud

    Yes Kirtida could have played the role of Aaradhya.

    1. guys it is not Madhubala to see Vivian and Drasthi in all generation .

  4. Vhi story sabhi serials me ab dono ko ek hi ladki se pyar hoga.Aradhaya Ki shadi samser se ho jayegi.bakvas sher & sharadha ki story jyada achhi Thi.

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