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Aditya tells Bhavri that he wants to stay with her and loves her. She asks if he wants to live his whole life with her. He gets nervous and stands still. She asks if he got afraid. He nods no. She takes him to temple. He asks why did she bring him here. She says he wanted to be with her and now getting tensed. She shows him sindhoor and asks him to bring it and apply it on her forehead. He asks what is wrong with her. She says if he wants to stay with her whole life, then he has to marry her. She brings sindhoor herself. He gets more tensed. She asks if he will apply sindhoor or walk out. He says she is inebriated, so she is telling this. She says she knows what she is saying. He applies sindhoor on her forehead and dorns chaiin as mangalsutra.

Bhavri wakes up in the morning

and is surprised to see sindhoor on her forehead. He enters and hugs him. She asks what is he doing. She reminisces him applying sindhoor and mangalsutra at a temple while she was inebriated. She asks if someone saw them. He says no. She gives his mangalsutra back and washes sindhoor. He asks what is she doing. She says he tried to use her when she was inebriated. He says she forced him with her emotional talks and made him apply sindhoor on her forehead. She says she was inebriated, but he was fine. It is a village and not city, people will badmouth that bhravi trapped a boy. He asks why is she worried about world instead of him.

Sher gets tensed that his amma did not come whole night. Shraddha asks him to have breakfast. He says he will not until amma returns. Bhavri comes and he asks why did she go to factory when they have big house. She gets nervous. Aditya comes behind him. He asks where did she find him. She says she called him as Munna mama’s phone was not reachable. He tries to speak, but she leaves saying she is tired and will speak to him later. Aditya follows her.

Postman delivers parcel for Sher. Shraddha receives it and asks who sent it. He says he does not know. She opens parcel and is shocked to see Bhavri and Aditya’s marriage pics. Sher comes speaking over phone. She hides pics under her back. He asks who was it. She says he was asking address. He asks to give him water. She nervously says she will get it. He asks she was fine minutes ago and is nervous now, and what is she hiding behind her back. She says nothing. He forcefully takes envelope and is shocked to see Bhavri and Aditya’s marriage pics. He shouts Aditya’s name.

Precap: Sher beats Aditya and points gun on him.

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  1. Extreme nonsense!

  2. This episode is so stupid it just doesn’t go with the story line. Aditya and bhavri Devi ‘s characters I don’t like. I just don’t understand, I thought this serial was getting good but after today’s episode I’m not going to watch. I thought it’s a story about sher and sharradda but it’s more to do with aditya and bhavri Devi.

  3. Unwanted story line
    How can vabri devi marry Aditya..

  4. The show is going to end if it goes like this!
    Such a stupid story line going on!
    Its a show of revenge thats it.

  5. omg! this episode is irritating

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