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Sher comes to the kitchen and is glad as no one caught him. He finds a fruit and hides to eat it. There he sees Anjali sitting and eating. Anjali says she controlled last time, but couldn’t control now. Aardhya goes to kitchen as she forgot something. Sher says she can eat and he will eat too. It will be their secret. Before he eats, Aardhya comes and catches them. She says she will complain to Nani. Sher stops her and says he just cut fruit to check if it’s fresh or no. He didn’t eat. He throws it in dustbin and says only Anjali ate. Anjali gets mad. Sher says he can’t lie..he’s keeping fast. Aaradhya says him he thought about it so both will have to say sorry to the God. They come to mandir. Aardhya asks them to hold their ears and say sorry. Sher doesn’t do it

saying Anjali did. Aaradhya says she will call Nani. He holds it and says sorry. Aaradhya laughs. He leaves.

Bharvi is happy as she found the box. Sher is approaching towards his room. Bharvi gets tensed as she hears someone coming inside. It’s Sher. He says Aardhya cleaned their room too. Bharvi hides and then quietly leaves the room. She says the box will change everything. Sher’s dearest box.

Aardhya is going to kitchen to put ghee away. Anjali and Munmun are running and Anjali bump into Aardhya and ghee falls down. Nani scolds them. Anjali says Munmun was trying to eat. Nani says they can’t keep fast for one day and look at Aardhya, she hasn’t had water and cleaned entire house too. Munmun and Anjali say sorry to Aardhya. Aardhya says it’s okay. She goes to change.

Sher is in washroom. Aardhya is changing clothes and he comes out. He sees her and just keeps seeing. Aardhya sees him and screams. He says he didn’t see anything and he thought she was already ready. Someone knocks the door. Sher was going to open. She tells him is he crazy and asks him to look away. She goes in washroom. Sher opens the door. Anjali tells Sher, Nani is calling them for arti. She asks them to hurry up, she’s hungry. He says she already ate so much. Think about him. He didn’t even drink water. Anjali tells him to come fast and leaves.

Aardhya comes out and puts her clothes in bag. Sher tells her to use cupboard. For how long she will use bag. She is surprised and asks they will share the cupboard? He says there is lots of space. He goes to show her, but its full. He says he will put everything in place, and then she can put her clothes there. Aaradhya is smiling. He says he’s doing all that cuz it’s his room too. She better not think he’s doing for her. For how long he will have his room like a train station. He leaves telling her to come soon for arti. Aardhya is happy.

Nani asks Munmun to call Arjun. At least he can say sorry for his bad deeds.

Aardhya comes down. Sher cannot stop glaring at her. Nani asks Aardhya to do diya and tells everyone diya should not go off tonight. Aardhya can’t fire the match. Sher says she can’t even do that and goes to help her. He too struggles. Munmun thinks so love is blooming..what will happen with Bharvi now. Aardhya laughs as Sher struggles, but in end he succeeds. He does diya and it was about to go off. Sher and Aardhya both cover it. A servant tells Sher that Bharvi is calling him. Nani says him not to go before doing arti and ask him to say Bharvi to come down. The servant passes Sher’s message to Bharvi. She says till today he was praying her, but now he’s praying to a statue (Lord). Just because of Aardhya.

Nani says by doing arti together, relationship becomes stronger. Aardhya and Sher are doing arti. Bharvi comes and pretends she got hurt. Sher and all rush to her. Nani says it’s not good to stop arti in middle and asks the Lord to protect her family. Sher asks Aardhya to check Bharvi. Bharvi says no. Sher says she’s a doctor. If she won’t check, then who will do. Nani agrees. Aardhya checks her leg. Bharvi feels like kicking Aardhya. Aardhya says there is nothing to be afraid of. She is not injured. It may be just hurting her because of falling. Bharvi says fine. Sher says he will drop Bharvi to her room. Nani tells Aardhya to do arti alone now as time has passed to do arti together.

In room, Bharvi tells Sher that he knows very well that she doesn’t like Aardhya at all. She thought he hates her too, but now it looks like he’s started liking her, started bending towards her. Today when she saw his box…He asks which box? She says same box around which he doesn’t let anyone go. When she saw Aardhya removing it from his room and throwing it in storage room, she felt like Aardhya really has importance in his life now. That is why she took such a big step. Sher is shocked. Bharvi asks he didn’t give her permission? She saw it herself and didn’t stop because she thought Aardhya can’t dare to do anything without his permission. She asks him to go and check in store room. Sher goes. Bharvi is happy. Sher comes to the store room and finds his box. He says Aardhya didn’t do right..no one dares to touch his personal stuff.

Precap: Aardhya comes to offer arti to Sher. He moves his hand to off the diya.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. when samsher and aradaya fall in love to.each other.i am so happy that samsher now think about aradhaya.

  2. thank you for updating. i want to know what happened next . so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee update it by toinght

  3. Really happy bcz shamsher is falling for aradhya but bcz of bhavri shamsher will again hate aradhya 🙁 I don’t understand y she is doing this first with shardha and now with aradhya.She has got the result in past that she lost her son and now she is doing again al that cheap things 🙁
    Anyways hope everything will be fine in shamsher and aradhya’s life 🙂

  4. It good news pr end soon let me tell one thing that in start peak sky and end go down flop serial and shamsher should return arjun love aradhya because shamsher snatched arjun love pr it love story sher and sharddha not shamsher and ugly aradhya and shamsher aji amma both did wrong arjun separate arjun and aradhya

  5. Its really bad news piya rangrezz is going off air sooo sad 🙁 :'(
    Only few episodes r left o 26th may they will end the show 🙁

  6. Going of air..
    vry saaad…

  7. I am happy tht its going off air finally… It was about shradha n sher
    Not shamsher n aradhya….

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