Piya Rangrezz 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shradha holds Sher Singh’s feet and pleads him to leave her as she cannot marry him. He picks her up and says he does not like tears in her eyes. His cousins/goons try to speak, but he stops them. He asks Shraddha if she does not like him. She says no and says it was just a misunderstanding, so he should forgive her. Goon calls lady don’s brother and informs him about it. He tells lady don something in ears. She gets irked.

Shraddha tries to walk silently. Sher Singh stops her and drapes veil over her. She silently walks again while Sher Singh leaves in his bike reminiscing Shraddha’s words. He calls shop keeper who tells Shraddha that she got a call from that boy. She asks him to tell that she does not need lift. Ladies see her walking and discuss that she must

have trapped boy in love and now backing off, but she does not know how danger don is. Shraddha reminisces Sher singh helping her in swach bharath abhiyan.

House owner comes and asks Shraddha not to touch is house drain, else she will bring govt and tell his house belongs to govt. She says she will not. He continues yelling and asks not to touch. Sher Singh interferes and says if he does not allow, he will break his legs and says his children will benefit from cleaning. Shraddha’s friend tells her that sher singh is Bhavri Devi/don’s son and is very danger and asks not to mingle with him. Sher singh listens to their conversation and asks his cousin to take her to a dirty lake to clean crocodiles. She gets afraid. Sher Singh wears his goggles back and walks towards Shraddha. He sees her distributing chocs to children and says he also needs one. He says her behavior changed after hearing his intro, but he is not like she thinks, even he likes safayi abhyan and wants to work with her and says if they can be friend. She says she did not know her mom is..He says her mom is too good and says god cannot be everywhere, so he made mom and made her loving. He continues that her mom also has papa qualities and runs liquor business, but she loves him a lot and will never reject his choice. He asks her to continue her adhyan and they will meet in the evening. She walks silently without uttering anything.

Sarpanch/village chief thanks Shraddha for cleaning his village and felicitates her with shwal. She also thanks him for his support and leaves in her bus. Sher Singh comes in his jeep late and tells his cousin that she did not say bye at all before leaving and says he is hungry.

Shraddha reaches home and informs over phone to her friend that she reached home just now and will call her later. She sees Sher singh already at her home with his cousins and her parents afraid. Sher singh sees her and says she came without inform him, so he came without inform him. He says she rejected his friendship knowing his family background. Dad tries to interrupt, but he asks to stop. He says Shraddha that she can check in whole zilla, he just broke bones but not girl’s hearts. He is the sole owner of her mom’s property and wants her to marry him and become 50% owner of his property. Dad and mom get more afraid. Cousin shouts at them that bhaiya ji is in love with their daughter, so they should accept this alliance. Sher singh says tomorrow his mom will come and fix this alliance and her name is Bhavri Devi. Shraddha and her parents shiver in fear. Cousin says his aunt is liquor queen of this whole zilla. Sher singh says he will go now and asks Vikas/Cousin to bring gift. He runs and brings gift of sari and sweets. Sher singh hands it over to Shraddha and says she should wear it when she comes in front of Amma. He says her dad that he needs his daughter in just 2 dresses and leaaves with cousins. Shraddha and family cry in fear.

Bhavri devi don is traveling in her car. Her brother shows Shraddha to her and says she is walking so sensuously in the middle of road. She asks him to take car a bit forward as shew wants to see her face. she sees Shraddha’s face and asks brother reverse car. He does. She asks him to crush Shraddha now. He hesitates. She says she will kill him else. He rushes car towards Shraddha.

Precap: Shraddha does not find her family at home. Bhavri devi calls her and says she has kidnapped her family and if she does not agree to marry sher singh,she should come with 3 arthi/carts and 12 people to carry her family’s dead bodies.

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