Piya Rangrezz 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sher gets Shradha’s call, but Chanda switches it off. Sher comes back and drives car. At hospital, Shraddha with other family members wait outside Bhavri’s ICU room. Mama comes and asks what happened. Sumer says Chanda attacked Shraddha and when Bhavri tries to stop her, she pushed Bhavri from balcony. Doc comes out of ICU and says Bhavri’s condition is very critical and she needs O negative blood. Vikas says he can take his blood. Doc says it is rare blood group and they should call Sher immediately as his blood group may match. Mama, Sumer and Vikas go to check their blood group.

Sher stops at a roadside store to get water for Chanda. Chanda thinks she should not let Sher reach home and deflates tyre. Sher gives her water to wash her hand and says he will

call home and inform family that she with him. He searches mobile in car but does not find it. Chanda says it may have fallen where she fell. He says must be and starts car, but sees tyre deflated.

Doc informs Mama, Vikas, and Sumer that their blood group did not match and they should get O negative blood group at any cost. Receptionist says she can arrange it from city only in the morning. Shraddha gets tensed thinking how to arrange blood now. Vikas asks her to calm down and pray god. She then runs into lab and requests lab tech to arrange blood somehow. He says his blood group is also O negative and he will donate 1 unit, but she has to arrange another 2 units. She thanks him.

Sher tries to change tyre. Chanda tries to disturb him. Sher asks her to stay away as he does not want her to do manly work. A biker sees him and asks what happened. Sher asks him to get his car tyre fixed and bring it while he takes his bike. He leaves with Chanda.

Shraddha gives blood to doctor. Doctor says it is only one unit and they need at least two. Shraddha says her blood group is also O negative and she will donate. Sunehri says she cannot as she is pregnant. Doc says it will badly effect her and her child. Shraddha says she will take risk. Doc asks nurse to prepare consent form and take her to draw blood.

Sher reaches home with Chanda and calls all family members. Chanda says they must have gone to search her. He sees blood and first-aid box and asks whose blood is it. Chanda says how can she know, she is with him and shows more blood on floor. Servant comes and asks how is Bhavri. Sher asks what happened to amma. Servant says she fell from balcony. Sher slaps him and asks why did not he inform before and asks in which hospital amma is in now. Servant says hospital name. Chanda says even she will come. Sher leaves alone. Chanda gets panic attack and finds her medicine bottle empty. Sher then calls her and she runs towards him.

Doc takes Shradha for blood donation and warns that it is harmful for her and her child. She says amma risked her life to save her and child’s life, she will donate blood for her. She signs consent form. Doc is about to draw blood when Sher comes and stops him and asks if he has gone mad to draw blood from Shraddha when he is still alive. Shraddha says she told doc. Sher asks to draw his blood as his and amma’s blood is same. He asks Shraddha what happened. Shraddha tries to speak hesitantly when nurse informs doc that Bhavri is shivering. They both run towards ICU room.

Whole family sees via window Bhavri gasping for air and doc transfusing her blood. Mama cries to save his jiju as he loves her a lot. Nurse closes window.

Sher stands tensely. Chanda asks him to have faith in god. Mama goes against Shraddha and asks her to stop her drama, he knows she hates jiji but did not know she would stoop to this level. Vikas asks to stop his drama. Mama shouts only she was there with jiji. Vikas says if he did not see Sunehri’s wound. Mama shouts. She asks him ti o stop and says he does not want to talk about it now, he will never believe that Shraddha tried to kill her.

Peon informs that Bhavri is conscious now and they can meet her. Whole family enters Bhavri’s room and Sher asks who tried to kill her. Chanda stands next to Shraddha. Bhavri points at Chanda and falls unconscious again, but Sher thinks it is Shraddha.

Precap: Shraddha says Sher that she did not push Bhavri, Bhavri was trying to say something but fell unconscious.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. OK now the show is getting stupid….sorry

    1. I know and this salli kuti chanda said in a off screen interview that she will soon exit why isn’t she gone yet c’mon now already leave the show that stupid blo*dy Chanda is ruining everything ugh and why do I get the feeling the Bhavri will go into coma or lose her memory ugh this stupid show these writers are trying to make their shows like ekta ji but the writers r just making things worse gosh and this kuti Chanda leave the show already no one likes u bye u blo*dy kuti Chanda lol

  2. Chanda is really a b*t*h man, bl——hell. Zoya I think you are right. And I also think all the blame will b passed on to shradda. Tat chanda needs ears boxed. Chanda will acts so innocent in front of sher.

  3. Waist of time this drama is really annoying

  4. i really agree wth u all…ths drama get worse day by day…now i also loosing my interest in tht…wht this script writer want to show tht…just showing any nonsence character which is more active…only negative character r hv power…nothing left any positivity…

  5. Kisi ne ye cheez q nai dekhi ke sherdha ko bhavri ki kitni fiker hai wo ap khoon dhene ko tiyar ho gai thi halla ki uski jaan ko khatra pohoonch sakta tha or phir bhi uss ko blame kiya ja raha hai or bhavri ne chanda ki terf ishara kiya tha sherdha samne thi lekin phir bhi kisi ne chanda ko piche nai dekha ab sach me sara blame sherdha per ho ga or sazaa bhi usee hi her baar ki terha mile :'(

  6. Ooppss …i wasted my time for this stupid serial again….. Such a faltu thinking… :/

  7. Guys..u know i feel they shud have done it like this…
    bhavri pointed towards chanda but everybody assumes its shraddha. Sher n everybody is so shocked. Suddnly bhavris cndition gets worse n doc advices evryone to leave. All r tensed.. Doc says operation is req n immediately shifts bhavri to operation theatre. After operatn doc comes out n says we did our best to brng her bac to normal state bt sorry shes gone into coma. Sher n evrybdy xcpt chanda r shattered. Aftr doc leaves sher goes to shraddha n says “ab kus ho gayi ? Tum ka chati ho? Humko aap pr sak karni thi na ki chanda pe…shraddha tries to xplain bt sher says bas shraddha ab aur nehi sunn na chathe..aap isi waqt yahan se chale jaeye…humari jo rishta tha sab khatam. N hearing all dis chanda is so happy. Thn sher goes to chanda n says “yehi chathi thi na tum? Ki hum shraddhaji ko yahan se nikale? Toh suno.Tumhara plan flop ho gaya. Chanda says” thakur sab?” N thn sher catches her hair n says “saali tu hamare amma ko chot pahunchaegi? Ab hum dikhate he asli chot ka hoti he! N slaps her on the face n catches her neck n pushes her against d wall catching her neck. Chanda gasps fr air n shraddha stops sher saying chanda will die…after evryone advice sher he leaves her n chanda coughs. Sher calls two nurse n ask thm to take chanda away saying that shes mental n is dangerous to everybody…he looks at chanda n says tera ghar yehi he ab se..zindagi bhar ke liye. Chanda pleads fr mercy bt sher asks nurses to take her away. Chanda struggles to escape bt gets injected n falls unconscious. Sher says sry to shraddha fr yelling at her. Shraddha asks hw did u cm to kno? Fb shows sher n everybody waiting out of operatn theatre n sher says he needs fresh air n says he’ll be right bac. Sher thn goes to a doc who is his frnd n asks fr his comp..sher connects a thumbdrive (which recorded video of the whole house via spy camera) (sher took dis thumbdrive wen he went home) sher gets shocked watchin footage of the whole thing n gets angry. N thn he returns bac to evrybody n acts like nothin happnd. Fb ends. Next epi tmrw.

  8. Go to hell Chanda.

  9. I have watched a video piya rangrezx up coming episode jis me bhavri coma me chali gai hai but I hate this ke sher chanda ko bhavri ki responsibility dhe ga jis ki waje se shardha perishan ho jae gi :'(

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