Piya Rangrezz 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sunehri reaches Sher’s construction area and serves him and Sumer lunch. Sher continues looking at street. Sunehri asks what is he looking at. He says he is watching how workers are working. Sumer asks him to have food. Sher says he does not want to have tasteless food and leaves. Sunehri realizes that he is waiting for Shraddha to bring food and thinks if Shraddha will bring food at night, he will definitely have it.

Shraddha reaches construction are at night with dinner for Sher and does not find him there. Sher reaches home with Sumer with Sumer discussing that he is feeling very peaceful after reaching home. Sher sits on chair. Sunehri gets tensed seeing him. Sher asks what happened to her. Gajra says Shraddha went to his construction site with dinner. He says when he was

there, she was here and now she is there and he is here. Sumer says today, work will not happen, so they came back home. Sher says he will go and bring her back and orders Sumer to stay there.

Sunehri calls Shraddha and informs that working will not happen today, so Sher came home and waiting for her eagerly, so she should also come back. Shraddha says she will come back soon and cuts call. She hears a tantrik reciting mantra and a child pleading to leave him. She enters Shed and is shocked to see tanrik smearing kumkum on child and he pleading to free him and manager holding sword to kill child. Stops him and asks how can he kill a child. Manager says it is very important to kill this child. Shraddha takes phone to call police. Manager snatches phone from him and locks her in a room, asking her to wait until god’s get happy. She pleads to open door.

Sher comes back home and calls Gajra. Gajra comes with water. He asks if only she does household chores or Shraddha also does. She even Shraddha does. He asks her to call Shraddha. She says she has not come home. Sher calls her, but her phone is not reachable.

Tantrik continues pooja while Shraddha shouts to open door. Manager raises sword to kill child when Sher enters and holds sword,protecting child. He beats manager and asks where is Shraddha. Manager says store room. Sher goes to rescue Shraddha and asks Sumer to take care of child. He opens door and asks Shraddha if she has gone mad and hands over her phone. She says she came to give him food. He says he does not need food risking her life. She says he got angry in the afternoon when she did not bring food. He asks if something happens to her, who will bring her food. She sees her cut hand. He draws it back and asks if something happens to her, what about him. He says she loves him a lot. He says even he loves her. They both look at each other romantically. A child enters and thanks him. Sher shakes his hand and asks what is his name. Child says Ankit.

Sher hands over child to his parents. Child’s father is an inspector who stopped Sher’s work thanks Sher for saving his child. Sher says he should also thank him for performing his duty sincerely. Inspector says Bhavri hired him to stop his work instead and says he will help him start construction work tomorrow itself. Sher thanks him and leaves for home with Shraddha.

In the morning, Sher sees construction work stopped and asks manager what workers are sitting idle. He says cement has not come. Sher holds his collar and asks when he has paid in chair, why cement did not come, if he is betraying him. Manager says he favored him by sparing him and not handing him to police, why will he betray him.

Mama and Vikas tell Bhavri that Aditya with his trick stopped Sher’s cement consignment. She gets happy and calls Aditya. Aditya comes with foam on his face. Mama asks how dare he is to come untidy into Bhavri’s room. He says BD called his name first time, so he came running. She praises that he used his knowledge and stopped Sher, so he can ask anything he likes.

Precap: Sher punches Aditya. Bhavri asks how dare he is to punch her partner and says when he does not to do business, why is he beating her partner instead. He says he will not accept defeat and will show who he is.

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  1. Ughh..i hate this aditya n bhavri. Sher n shraddha are nice 🙂

  2. Why on earth isn’t written updates for 28th and 29th posted!!!!!!

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