Piya Rangrezz 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher tells Bhavri that Gajra worked for his construction company for 3 months, so he owes her 60000 rs salary. He says after cutting 50000 rs debt, he has to give 10000 rs and hands over 10000 rs money bundle to her. Gajra’s mom takes money and starts praising her. Mama says Gajra is free now. Gajra requests Bhavri to keep her as maid. Sher asks her to let Gajra work under Shraddha. Bhavri agrees.

Sher goes to his room and sees Shraddha crying. She says she did sin by hitting Gajra’s father. Sher says she obeyed amma’s order, so she should not feel guilty. He says her tears are very precious for him and she should not waste them like this. She smiles and says she will go and have water. He holds her hand. She gets shy and nervous. He frees her hand and comes

near her. O sathire din doobe na…song plays in the background. Their romance starts. He removes her ear rings and then kisses her ears. She hugs him tightly. They both then French kiss and then consummate their marriage.

Bhavri walks with Aditya and tells Sher made a loss by freeing Gajra’s father. He is in love fever and is doing this, but she will make him busy in her world so much that he will forget Shraddha. She asks him to handle her electricity work while she take Sher to city. She knocks Sher’s room repeatedly. Aditya asks why is she disturbing married couple. She says they are married but not husband and wife and continues banging. Sher opens door wearing his shirt. She peeps in and sees Shraddha correcting her sari and walks out silently fuming.

Shraddha then goes to kitchen and asks Gajra what is she preparing. Gajra hugs her. Shraddha sees her making halwa. Gajra asks her to taste. She tastes and says it is perfect. She apologizes her for not helping her. Gajra says she or thakur saheb/sher helps, it is same. Thakur saheb cleared her problems in a second and now she will get salary to work here, with which she can get her brother studied. Shraddha says Sher is a good man and she likes his nature.

Gajra serves halwa to Sher and he praises it. She says Shraddha jiji taught her. He asks where is amma. Mama says she went to factory as she wants to stay alone for sometime. Sher calls her mobile, but its rings in mama’s pocket.

Bhavri drinks bottles of alcohol remembering Shradha and Sher’s marriage consummation. Aditya stops her and snatches bottle, but she takes it back and starts drinking again. He says he cannot see her like this. Bhavri says she tried many tricks to separate Sher and Shraddha, but Shraddha took away her son from her completely, today she is feeling lonely. Aditya asks if she thinks they would not have consummated before. She says her eyes are very experienced and knew they did not get intimate till now, but today they did. She says she will not feel defeat so easily and will revert. Aditya says why is she trying to separate husband and wife, they more she tries, the more they come closer forever. She asks that means it happened because of her, then she should be punished. He asks her to think of her life. She gets angry and asks why should she think of herself, what he wants. He says he wants her to be happy and wants to live with her and look at life’s ups and downs.

Percap: Bhavri asks Aditya to marry her by applying sindhoor on her forehead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. seriously consummate in day light!!!funny!

  2. plz post written updates little soon

  3. nonsense

  4. Lol why not! They can consummate whenever the hell they want! xD

  5. What a rubbish & shocking pricap…..

  6. omg! precap is irritated

  7. vvvvvvvvvvvvvery cute best romance couple ever seen

  8. I love this show it’s really good it has romance, action, thriller and suspence.

  9. Aditya looks more like a son to bhavri Devi. So it’s kind of weird and awkward seeing aditya expressing his feelings for bhavri Devi. Directors should cast someone older to play aditya’s characters. They just don’t go together, it’s hopeless. Aditya looks too young for bhavri Devi.? So directors plz change cast who is someone older to play adiya’s character.

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