Piya Rangrezz 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sher is about to drink and he recalls Aradhya saying she says no but he keeps drinking. He doesn’t drink and puts glass away. Bhavri is standing outside his room. She asks Sher where is Arjun..is he even alive. Sher says he just stopped him doing wrong. He shouldn’t force himself on Aradhya. Bhavri recalls Aradhya saying Sher went against her and saved her life. She leaves. Aradhya opens eyes and smiles.

Anjali and Nani come to know Ardhya’s health. She says she is fine. Anjali teases her saying she saw how Sher brought her home last night. Anjali then sees alcohol bottle which is full. She says that means he didn’t drink. Nani credits Aradhya for that. Nani then suggests Aradhya to do fasting which will make her and Sher relationship stronger. Aradhya says ok. Nani

tells her to get ready and come in kitchen, she will explain her all rituals.

Arjun is sleeping. Bharvi throws water. She scolds where he was last night. She was so worried and he didn’t care to tell. He says she was sleeping. She says she was awake till morning and Asks where he took Aradhya. He says he learned from her..to snatch things that’s theirs. Aradhya is his. Bharvi tells him that she’s married.. Brothers will kill each other for her one day. He says scold him only..he’s always wrong. Sher is never wrong. She didn’t say anything when he forcefully married Aradhya. He tells her to leave him on his own. Bharvi says everything is spoiled. Ardhya will get more sympathy and she never dies.

Munmun is hungry..searching for food in kitchen. Munna comes there and informs her that Arjun refused to talk to Bhavri. He wants Aradhya no matter how. They are happy as this will cause differences in two brothers. Nani, Anjali, and Aradhya suddenly come there. Munna gets scared, but they didn’t hear anything. Munna leaves. Munmun asks what’s in breakfast. Nani says nothing. Everyone is fasting today. Munmun first says no, but then agrees to fast, but refuses to wear dupatta and all in evening. Nani says day is going so good. They do preparation for puja in evening. Sher comes there. Sher and Aardhya bump into each other. He catches her in his arms.

They have eye lock. Nani and Anjali smile looking at them. They break eyelock and leave each other. Sher was drinking water. Nani says today everyone is fasting. He says he has never done it before, he won’t do it. But Nani convinces him. Bharvi is shocked and angry. She says Nani will make their relationship stronger? But this fast is complete when the couple does arti together and she won’t let that happen. She leaves. Sher tells Nani to tell Aardhya to keep fast as well. Nani says she’s keeping it too. Sher says he will spend whole day by sleeping. He leaves. Nani tells Aardhya to do all prep properly so all bad things will be gone from this house. She says she will definitely do.

Sher is trying to sleep, but he’s unable to due to hunger. Anjali secretly tries to eat while no one is in kitchen. She almost eats it, but then changes her mind. Sher comes out and sees Aradhya cleaning house. He thinks Aardhya had to clean house today only. He secretly goes away and tries to drink water, but Aardhya catches him. He’s irritated.

Bharvi comes to a room to search for some box.

Sher is not able to keep up with hunger. He looks in sky and requests sun to go away soon. He sees a servant eating banana and thinks of asking him regardless what happens to his reputation. The servant eats banana very fast. Sher says to himself does anyone eat banana that quick? He thinks he will have to do something. He tries to go to kitchen, but Aardhya is in mandir there. He goes carefully and she doesn’t see him.

Bharvi wonders where box could be. She checks cupboard and finds it there. She was about to check it and hears someone coming inside.

Precap: Nani tells Aardhya to do diya. She struggles to fire the match. Sher helps her. They are doing arti when Bharvi pretends to be hurting her leg.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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