Piya Rangrezz 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri frightens Shraddha that she is also becoming lalla’s mother and will know what is mother’s love when she snatches her lalla from her. She continues that Shraddha is so selfish that she troubled her and her lalla. She called Chanda her sister, but she tried to stop Sher and Chanda’s marriage unsuccessfully and now announced that she is pregnant with Sher’s child. God will punish her for that. She hates her so much that she will kill her unborn child soon. Shraddha gets very afraid. Bhavri leaves saying she will send her milk. Shraddha holds her stomch and stumbles standing near window. Sunehri and Gajra enter and hold her on time. Gajra gives her water and asks if she is fine now. Sunehri asks what happened.

At night, Shraddha reminisces telling Chanda

that she saved thakur saheb and Chanda requesting her not to let her married to Sher, bhavri telling she betrayed her, sher and Chanda. She then gets out of her flashback and gets afraid seeing Chanda near her. Chanda says she gave big happy news that she is pregnant, Thakhur saheb told her this as he did not want to keep her in dark and told clearly that he cannot start a new relationship with her soon. Shraddha sees tears in her eyes and asks why is she crying. Chanda says she is crying happily as she thinks her and Sher’s relationship will be saved because of this child. Shraddha says she is thinking wrong, Sher is her husband now. Chanda asks not to worry about her as she can return back to her old life, but she wants to see Sher, her elder sister and child happy. She could not control herself hearing news and came here to congratulate her. She saw her sleeping, so she was waiting for her to wait and praying god to protect her and her child. Shraddha feels guilty.

At midnight, Shradha tries to leave Sher’s house hiding her face under shawl, but Bhavri and mama catches her. Bhavri says she forgot that nobody can enter or leave without Bhavri Devi’s permission. She wants to snatch her child from her and forcefully pushes her in. Sher sees that and asks why is she pushing Shraddha. Bhavri says Shradda wanted to elope from here. Sher says Shraddha is pregnant and he does not want anyone to trouble Shraddha. Mama interferes and asks how can he confront his mother and says Shraddha should be punished for her mistake. Sher says he does not child to be harmed and if anyone does it, he will not spare him/her. He holds Shraddha’s hand and takes her from there. Bhavri fumes in jealousy seeing this. Chanda watches this from her room.

Sher takes Shraddha to a room and tells her that he knows she does not want to stay in his criminal world, but she cannot go away till their child is born. He wanted to keep her like a rani, but she does not want to be a queen. It is raja’s rule to take care of rajkumar, hene he wants her to take care of his child well.

Sumer shows Sher window mesh designs and asks him to select one. Sher asks him to select himself and make sure even a single mosquito does not enter house. He then asks Sunehri to check sweets for Shraddha and prepare kesar milk well and tells Gajra to bring 4-5 boxes of kesar. He orders Sumer to be with Shraddha 24 x 7 like a shadow and not let her take any strain. Bhavri sees that and says he is fulfilling his duty as a father very well, he should also fulfill his husband’s duty and not ignore Chanda. Chanda enters with tea for Sher. Bhavri asks why is she going back. Chanda says since they are discussing, she thought to come after some time. Bhavri asks to serve it now and tells Sher Chanda tries hard to look good in front of him, but he does not look at her at all, he has to give Chanda wife’s right.

Precap: Shraddha asks Bhavri why is she hating her unborn child so much and mixed poison in her food. Bhavri angrily tries to hit her, but sher stops Bhavri.

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  1. Dragging…. Uhhhhhhhhh….

  2. I hate tat women she is doing my f—n head. How can she be so evil

  3. I think Chandra is hiding something

  4. I think Chanda is hiding something….

  5. Why…,this shradha is not revealing d truth to Sher

    1. Shraddha should reveal the truth to sher by telling him secretly so the bhavri does not found out!

    2. right ……..she should ..but she is the puppet of BD.

  6. Pls update 27th October episode fast

  7. I just hate BD. Why she troubling Sraddha and Sher and mixed poison in Sraddha ‘s food. she is blo*dy killer ……..

  8. Is Shardhdha have any allergy to tell sher the truth!!!
    N chanda iz behavingso fishy!!
    But if it iz her true coloura thats grt!!

  9. Chanda is a new villain,
    In sher and sherdha’s love story=-O

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