Piya Rangrezz 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri scolds Sher that because of outsider/Shraddha, he doubted insider/Chanda. He heard chudail/Shraddha’s words and doubted his wife. Shraddha is using him and she shot him before, Chanda saved him and she is like an innocent cow. He says he just wanted to know truth. She shouts he does not have anything to say at all and holds Shraddha’s face shouting her lalla is tied with Shraddha’s pallu. Sher frees Shraddha. Bhavri continues shouting that she did not want Shraddha back, but is helpless because her grandson is in her womb. If anything happens to Chanda, she will not spare Shraddha.

Sunehri comes running and informs Bhavri that Chanda eloped. ‘Bhavri angrily breaks alcohol glass and asks everyone to search her. Sher orders his aides to find his wife

and not let anyone sleep befoer that. Chanda is seeing hiding on terrace wearing shawl.

Shraddha prepares food reminiscing Bhavri’s words. Gajra asks her not to take things seriously as everything will be fine. Shraddha says how can she be quiet when Chanda is making such a big drama. Gajra says her child will be affected if she gets tensed and asks her to go to her rooma nd rest while she brings her food. Shraddha walks out of kitchen. Gajra brings food out, but Chanda comes holding rod and hits on her head. She falls unconscious. Chanda drags her to kitchen back. Shraddha runs in hearing sound and is shocked to see Chanda holding rod and coming towards her. She runs from there. Chanda runs behind her yelling where will she escape. Shraddha runs into room and tries to close door, but chanda forcefully opens it and drags her out. Shraddha falls on railing and hurts her stomach.

Shraddha walks towars Shraddha saying she created doubt in thakur saheb’s mind, she will kill both her and her child. She raises rod to hit her when Bhavri holds rod and throws it. Chanda is shocked to see Bhavri. Bhavri stangulates her neck and asks how dare she is to harm her grandson and asks her to pray god that she spares her.

Shraddha asks to let her go. Bhavri gets up Shraddha and tries to leave. Chanda holds her leg and says she did all this as she loves Sher and does not like anyone between them. Bhavri kicks her. Chanda holds her leg again and says she told once that she will forgive her mistake and if not, she should die and pushes Bhavri from balcony. Bhavri falls on her head and goes unconscious. Shraddha runs down and tries to wake her up and call Vikas, Sunehri, Sher. She tries to call Sher on mobile, but Chanda breaks mobile and says because of her, she had to kill Chanda and Bhavri.

Shraddha shouts that she will expose her and send her to mental hospital. Chanda raises rod again saying she will expose her if she lives her alive, but stops seeing someone entering. Shraddha shouts for help and locks herself in a room. Chanda hides heself.

Shraddha comes back and tries to wake up Bhavri. Sunehri come and asks what happened. Shraddha asks her to bring first aid box first and fixes her mobile to call Sher.

Chanda walks on street. Sumer and Vikas pass in a car on without identifying her. Sher then passes by in a car. Chanda silently sits near tree. Sher does not notice her. Chanda thinks thakur saheb did not see her at all, if he goes home, there will be a big problem. Sher comes back and asks what she is up to and says let us go home. Chanda says she does not want to go home when he does not trust her.

Vikas and Sumer reach home and are shocked to see Bhavri unconscious on bed. Shraddha asks them to take Bhavri to hospital soon. They carry her to hospital. Shraddha tells Sunehri that chanda even injured Gajra and runs towards kitchen.

Sher requests Chanda to forget everything and come home with him. She says she will not. He says until she does not agree, he will stand in the middle of road. Chanda sees a speeding car and saves him and falls down. She says she cannot see him in pain. He says if she cannot see him in pain, then why is she disobeying him and asks if she is coming or not. She gets into car with him and says she left back. He gets out to bring bag. Shraddha calls on Sher’s mobie. Chanda switches it off.

Precap: Doc tells Vikas that and others that Bhavri’s condition is very critical and needs to be transfused. Her blood group is rare O negative and they should call Sher to donate blood.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. kitne kharab episode aa rahe h…i hate it ….itne kharab twist lane k liye cv’s ko award milna chahiye…is twist ne pure show ki vat lag di…

  2. It’s true Mammi nilam we are agree with you

  3. How low will that b*t*h go, blo*dy hell! Seeing bhavri held the rod to stop chanda hitting shradda was nice to see.

  4. Why do I have feeling that shradda will give her blood or something like tat

  5. I think bhavi will lose her memory and chanda is not going anyway …

  6. Stupit episode… ..

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