Piya Rangrezz 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer’s goon confesses that Tilakraj and Munna mama sent him. Munna mama says he is lying and beats goon. Shamsher calls him by name and calls him traitor. Mama asks how dare a kid call him by name. Shamsher says he will kill him for befriending Tilkaraj and trying to kill aji amma. Mama says he is not a traitor, brings his mobile phone and says he went to meet Tilkraj, but not to betray his jiji. He plays audio clip in which Tilakraj asks him to kill Bhavri’s family and he shouting at Tilakraj. Shamsher asks Arjun if even now he needs proof against his sasur and says his sasur wants to keep him as puppet and servant.

Aradhya calls Arjun, but his phone is not reachable. Tilakraj comes and asks where is Arjun. She says he went to meet friends and will be back soon.

He pampers her and says she will marry Arjun and leave him forever. She emotionally hugs him. He thinks he did wrong to her. Aunt brings bridal dress and make up set. Tilakraj tells Aradhya it is his blessings and she should wear it tomorrow and leaves crying. Aunt asks Aradhya to wear dress and show it to Tilakraj, he will jump in happiness.

Shamsher shows Aji amma and her blood stained wounds to Arjun and asks even now he trusts his sasur Tilakraj, aji amma brought them up with so much difficulty, but he does not care about her sacrifice. He is proud that he is aji amma’s bodyguard and not a betrayer like him. Arjun says he will kill Tilakraj and walks out asking Shamsher to take care of Aji amma until he is back. Munna with Munmun sees everything and smirks. Nurse informs Shamsher that Bhavri wants to talk to him and he rushes towards her room.

Veer calls Tilakraj and says he shot Bhavri and it is time to celebrate. Tilakraj stands in a shock. Aunt comes and Tilakraj says he shot Bhavri. Aradhya comes and hears that and shockingly says Aji amma is shot. She runs out. Tilakraj runs behind her and tells aunt that Shamsher will destroy everything now and Arjun will also not keep quiet.

Shamsher geos to Bhavri’s room. Doc says she should rest. Shamsher holds Bhavri’s hand. Bhavri asks who was it. He says Tilakraj. She asks why is he alive then. Shamsher says soon he will die and Arjun himself has gone. Bhavri asks what about laundiya/Aradhya. He says he will handle her. She orders to insult her so much that she should not show her face to anyone, especially Arjun. He asks her not to worry, he will punish her so much that Aradhya will not like seeing her own face.

Precap: Aradhya comes calling Aji amma. Shamsher drags her and says he will punish her so much that she will not see her own face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh my god shamshare is going to marry aradhya and tilak raj will be die ?

  2. I want to kill this veer he is destroying the serial ?
    I wish this chanda, veer singh story gonna finish quickly I hate both characters ? and both of them irritating us a lot

  3. pahale chanda ne show kharab kiya aur ab veer…i hate it….m age ye bakwas show nahi dekh sakti…i love sherdha only…

  4. they hv to quit this show now..seriously it become irritating day by day..

  5. my god ¡I think sher will destroy her character. . . .

  6. i just wish shamsher doesn’t marry araydha nooooooo 🙁

  7. You are right mahreen islam

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