Piya Rangrezz 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha wakes up in the morning and is surprised to see flowers all over room. Sher gives her white flower and juice and asks why does she create problem always and says he does not want ay problem in his work or their relationship. She asks if they can forget everything and live this moment for sometime. He dorns flower in her hair and smiles. She sips juice and reciprocates back.

Mama tells Bhavri that he has hidden Sunehri as she would tell her secret to Sher. She asks what about Vikas. He says he has gone out. She asks what about Aditya. He says even he went out. She shouts if she will get food or should sleep hungry. Gajra brings food. Bhavri asks where are Sher and Shraddha. Gajra says they sought food in their room.

Bhavri angrily enters Sher and Shradda’s

room and gets jealous seeing whole room filled with flowers. She asks if it is Shraddha’s birthday. Sher says she likes flowers, so he brought them. She asks why did they order food here while she was waiting for them downstairs. He says they were tired, so they ordered food in room. She asks them to come down and have food. Sher follows her and walks back after 1-2 bites saying he is tired now. Maama asks Bhavri why did he called them down. She says she has to show them their place. She gulps alcohol glasses and passes by Sher and Shradha’s room limping and gets more jealous seeing Sher feeding Shraddha and laughing.

In the morning, Shraddha hears people pleading for help outside home and asks Sumer what is happening. He says today is 1st and Bhavri called her debtors. She says she did not see this earlier. Gajra comes crying and pleads to save her parents. Shraddha walks with her and sees her parents pleading Bhavri to spare them. She runs and stands with her mother. Mom pleads to spare them and keep Gajra forever. Bhavri says he drank 50000 rs alcohol and even if Gajra stays for 2 lives, he cannot clear her debt.

Shraddha asks her to spare them as Gajra is their dear one now. Bhavri says only money is her dear one and says since she wanted to become like her, she will give her a new task. She asks mama to tie ghungroo on wooden rod and asks Shraddha to beat Gajra’s father. Shraddha resists. Bhravi holds her hand and hits Gajra’s father repeatedly. He falls down. Shraddha starts crying. She sees Sher coming and runs towards him. Bhavri smirks. Shraddha runs inside home. Bhavri tells Sher his wife wants loss in business and wants her to forgive her debt..

Sher says Gajra worked in his construction company for 3 months loyally and asks mama howmuch debt her dad has. Mama says with interest 50000 rs. Sher says he fixed her salary as 20,000 rs and for 3 months 60000 rs, so he hands over 10000 rs in her hand.

Precap: Shrddha and Sher’s romance starts. He removes her earings and she shies.

Update Credit to: MA

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