Piya Rangrezz 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sher comes to his room to call Chanda and sees her shivering in fever. He calls Bhavri and says that she is having high fever. Bhavri asks tmama to call doc and asks how did she get fever. Sher says he does not know. Shraddha brings thermometer. Bhavri asks her to go and stand out. Sher checks temp and says it is 105. Bhavri shouts munna to call doc soon. Doc comes and checks and says her condition is worse, if she was under water for long time. Sher says he does not know. Doc says she will give her heavy antibiotic and asks everyone to leave except her husband. Sher applies cold water clothes on Chanda’s head. Chanda murmurs that she loves him a lot and he should leave her, looks at him and closes eyes again. Doc gives injection, comes out and tells Bhavri that she gave

injection and Chanda will be fine. Fever is not because of climate but because of mental tension and asks Sher to be with her. Bhavri asks mama to give doc double fees and leave he till door.

Bhavri shouts at Shraddha that because of her mental torture to prove her wrong and asks Sher to take care of Chanda. Sher says he cannot take her out, but will do something.

Chanda wakes up and thinks even after her being so ill, sher did not come near her, it is very wrong. She sees sari with a note and gets happy. She wears it and walks on terrace and is surprised to see whole place decorated for her. Saans me tere saans mili to…song..plasy in the background. Sher comes and hugs her from behind and says he doubted her. She says it is fine. He says he is accepting his mistake and will live rest of life with her and give her happiness of whole world. He kisses her hands and she gets shy. Saans me tere….song..plays in the bacground again. They both dance romantically looking into each other’s eyes.

Chanda wakes up from her imagination when Sher calls her. Sher brings Shraddha. Shradha asks why did he bring her here. He says he thought his child is also getting bored downstairs, so he brought her ehre. He asks Chanda if she does not have any problem with Shraddha spends time here. Chanda says no problem, but fumes in anger.

Sher then goes to CCTV monitor and tells Sumer that Chanda’s truth will come out now on the monitor. Sumer asks what if Chanda attacks bhabhiji. She says nothing will happen, he just wants to see if Chanda is really mad or just acting. Chanda comes near Shraddha angrily looking at her . Shraddha turns back. Chanda changes her tone and drapes he shawl. Shradha asks why is she acting, she knows she is not happy seeing her here. Chanda says she is like her elder sister and her child is important to thakur saheb and for her, thakur saheb is important. Shraddha says she hates her a lot and she knows it. Chanda says she did not want to come in between her and thakur saheb, why will she hate her. She then looks at CCV camera and breaks it.

Shraddha then panics saying she thought when thakur saheb loves Shraddha’s child a lot, then he will also love her child, but thakur saheb is not trusting her and taking Shaddha’s side, why is she doing this. Shaddha says she does not know about this camera. Chanda then picks knife and says it is better for her to die and slits her wrist and falls unconscious. Sher comes and is shocked to see that and asks Chanda to open eyes. Sumer asks Shraddha if she is fine. Sher asks Sumer to bring first-aid box and carries Chanda.

Bhavri comes running to meet Chanda and asks why did she slit her wrist. Chanda says she does not want to live as thakur saheb is doubting her. Bhavri scolds Sher. Chanda angrily looks at Sher.

Precap: Sunehri informs Bhavri that Chanda eloped. Bhavri orders to find her. Chanda walks in house wearing shawl and holding rod. Gajra sees her, so she hits Gajra’s head and Gajra falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

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