Piya Rangrezz 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Aradhya requests Shamsher to drop knife. Munna holding gun over Aradhya thinks if Bhavri’s heart melts, she will be gone. Shamsher slits his wrist and asks Bhavri to ask her goons to back off. Bhavri frees Aradhya. Aradhya runs and bandages Shamsher’s injury and requests to go to hospital. Shamsher requests Aji ammi again to accept Aradhya as her bahu. She accepts and takes Shamsher to hospital. Munna fumes that they all 3 united.

Munna meets Arjun and informs what happened. Arjun says Shamsher snatched Aradhya from him, he will not spare Shamsher. Munna says Shamsher kiilled Manohar and will die for that. Arjun thinks he should not inform Munna truth that Veer killed Manohar. They see over CCTV camera Shamsher entering and run from there. Munna’s shirt tears

and a piece sticks to table. Shamsher sees food on table and thinks Arjun was here. He sees cloth piece and thinks Arjun should know that he forgave him.

Munna reaches home and Bhavri asks where was he. He says he went to clean party office. Shamsher says someone is helping Arjun. Munna asks who he/she must be. Bhavri says someone who mixed poison in alcohol and set fire in factory. Shamsher sees Munna wearing same kurta and Bhavir asks how did it tear. He says it tore in party office. Shamsher acts as receiving call from his goon that Arjun ishere. Munna runs up calling Arjun and asks him not come in day and wait for night. Arjun says he did not come. Munna thinks Shamsher tricked him and turns to see Shamsher standing who asks why did he do this. He picks gun to shoot Shamsher, but Shamsher snatches gun and gets him down. Bhavri asks why is he pointing gun on Munna. Munna starts confronting Bhavri he considered her sister always, but she treated her like a dog. He hates her family and accepts all his mistakes and says Munmun says they did it to take revenge of Manohar’s death. Shamsher says she saw forensic report. Munmun says it read clearly that bullet was shot from his gun. Munna says if he gets a chance again, he will take revenge for sure.

Shamsher tells Munmun if she had asked him, he would have given his life. Munmun says ten die now. Shamsher tries to shoot himself, but Bhavri stops her. Munna says she always as biased and favored her family. Bhavri says she did not know her brother would do this, she forgives him though. Munmun points gun on Aradhya and warns to let her and Munna go, else she will shoot Aradhya. Munna takes Shamsher’s gun and they both escape in car. Bhavri comes out and asks Shamsher to find out Arjun soon as Munna wants to use Arjun. Shamsher calls Arjun, but his phone is not reachable.

At night, Aradhya sits tensely in front of god’s idol. Anjali comes and asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to Shamsher. Aradhya says Badi naani told to light lamp and pray god. She lights lamp and prays god to protect Shamsher. Lamp blows off and Aradhya gets tensed.

Munna and Munmun meet Arjun and brainwash him that Shamsher made Aji amma against him. Munmun does emotional blackmail that she loves him like Manohar and wants him to take revenge. Arjun says he will kill Shamsher. Munna asks if his hands will shiver to kill sibling. Arjun says no, he will kill Shamsher tonight.

Precap: Arjun points gun at Shamsher. Shamsher asks him to lower gun. Even Aradhya says same.

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