Piya Rangrezz 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Veer enters hospital and then Shivlal’s room and slaps constable and says he is a black mark on police force. Constable says he was sleeping. He goes out and shouts at hospital staff. Inspector says there is no use to shout at them and they have to investigate on their own. Veer thinks Bhavri must have kidnapped Shivlal and now he will show his true colors to her.

Aradhya reminisces Tilakraj’s concern for her and thinks babuji asked something for the first time and she should not deny it. She also cannot marry in a hurry, her future will depend on it. She turns and imagines Arjun asking what about him, he wants to spend whole life with her and he loves her. She then imagines Bhavri pointing gun on her and warning not to move ahead with this relationship, else she will

shoot her, Tilakraj and then Arjun, it is up to her to decide. She looks at her mom’s pic and says she is confused and needs her help. She imagines her mom’s words not to feel sad when she is confused and just to close eyes, take deep breath and think of a solution. She closes eyes and sees Arjun. She opens eyes then.

Bhavri questions Shivlal. Shivlal asks who is he and who are they, why are they calling him inspector. Bhavri asks to start his treatment. Munmun stuffs rotis and Shamsher asks to speak. Shivlal spits rotis and asks why are they torturing him and calling inspector. Mama suggests to bring hot rod and stuff in his ass. Shivlal gets tensed and asks again why are they torturing him. Shamsher asks to stop drama and speak before hot rod comes.

Veer comes to Bhavri’s haveli. Servant asks her to sit. He asks her to bring ginger tea for him in Bhavri’s room. He thn goes and searches each room.

Munmun bring red hot rod. Bhavri asks to tell who is the officer who shot him. He says he does not know. Munmun takes hot rod towards him and he acts as going unconscious. Munmun says he went unconscious. Bhavri says he will speak when he will wake up and takes everyone from there.

Veer continues searching whole house. Anjali walks reading books. He sees herand hides behind door. She senses him and asks who is it. He silently slips behind pillar. She walks away. He then sees a secret door, opens it silently and gets into store room where he finds Shivlal. He wakes him up and Shivlal asks who is he. Veer asks to stop drama. Shivlal pleads to save him, else Bhavri will kill him. Veer says okay.

Servant takes tea to terrace. Bhavri asks who asked her tea. Servant says SP saheb came and asked to bring tea on terrace. Bhavri with mama, Shamsher and Munmun search Veer and they find him coming from washroom. He greets everyone and asks how are they. Bhavri asks he was coming on terrace, then what is he doing here. He says he went to washroom and asks where to sit. Bhavri says let us sit in hall and orders servant to bring tea.

Bhavri asks Veer why did he come. He says she knows Shivlal is kidnapped from hospital. She says yes and asks how can someone kidnap a police and asks if he enquired who is kidnapper. Veer says we had a department meeting and ACP thinks she kidnapped Shivlal and wants to hand over case to CBI. Bhavri says Shivlal was her aide and why will she kidnap him. He says even is she has done it, she should hide Shivlal somewhere else as CBI comes without notice. If Shivlal is found here, he has to arrest her unwillingly.

Precap: Veer enters Bhavri’s house wearing mask and rescues Shivlal. Bhavri, Shamsher, and mama catch them and point gun towards them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode
    Today episode Shamshare look like always handsome and dashing man??

  2. I am watching this serial just for gurave s bajaj because I love his acting and he is very handsome ?
    Otherwise I don’t like the serial because drictor doing things which (he/she) like and even they don’t care about the fan of serial
    I hate the writer and dirctor of piya rangrezz ?

  3. I hope the dirctor doesn’t show us again force marriage and shamshar and aradhya marriage
    Aradhya is not best for shamshare
    please please can you bring another beautiful actress for shamshare
    First please bring kirtida mistry but if you don’t want then please bring another beautiful actress
    Please please please complete our wish and request ????

  4. Please anybody can show these comments to director and team of piya rangrezz
    Please please please!!!!!?
    Tell them that fan of piya rangrezz want these things ?

  5. bacwas episode …..like always…… u r right Assia ….they r nt fulfilling our request……blo*dy hell….:-( 🙁 🙁 :'( :'( :'(

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