Piya Rangrezz 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun and Shamsher call Munna and Munmun, but they do not pick call. Arjun finds Shamsher’s car and asks him why did he order his guard not to let him in. Shamsher says why will he and says there is some confusion as Munna daadu and Munmun are not picking calls. He says let us go home and find out what is happening and leaves with him in his car.

Veer plays Shamsher’s voice on mobile calling Aji amma.. Bhavri thinks Shamsher came and comes out. Veer shoots her 3 rounds and she falls down. He smirks that he killed his mom’s enemy and now his mom will rule over Bhavri’s dynasty. Shamsher and Arjun reach home and see all guards dead. Munmun and Munna peep from window and get tensed seeing them. Veound. er also sees them coming and walks out from back

door. Arjun and Shamsher call Munna daddu and Munmun, but they don’t see them. They rush to Bhavri’s room and are shocked to see her on floor in a pool of blood. Shamsher gets her on his lap and Arjun shouts to get up. She says they came back and falls unconscious. They both cry and Arjun hugs her tightly. She wakes up and coughs.

Veer asks his last goons to rush fast. Their bike don’t start. Arjun and Shamsher hear bike starting sound and Arjun runs out. Veer leaves in car shouting at goons to leave bike and run. Arjun runs behind goons and catches one. He beats goon ruthlessly and drags him with him home.

Shamsher orders doc to bring all equipments needed here in 10 min and treat aji amma, else he will kill him. Doc nervously calls hospital to send equipments and nurse and asks him to bring hot water. He goes to kitchen calling Munmun and daadu and prepares hot water himself and gives it back to doc. He then walks in lawn and hears door knock. He opens lock and sees Munna and Munmun inside and pretending. He warns Munna that daadi is shot and if he is behind it, he will not spare him. Munna says why will he harm his jiji and if he is found guilty, he can kill him. Arjun comes back. Shamsher says munna that he saw him with Tilakraj. Arjun asks not to blame anyone. Shamsher says he is just acting like an obedient damad and protecting his sasur Tilakraj.

Arjun takes Shamsher, Munna, and Munmun to captured goon and asks who sent him. Shamsher pulls gun, but Arjun stops him and beats goon. Goon accepts that Tilakraj and Munna mama sent him, but does not take Veer’s name. Munna and Munmun get tensed.

Precap: Shamsher tells Arjun that planned to destroy their family and separate them and tried to kill aji amma. Arjun takes oath to kill Tilakraj.

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