Piya Rangrezz 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun leaves farmhouse. Aradhya smiles reminiscing Arjun concern for her. Shamsher enters next in a car and drinks alcohol. Aradhya gets tensed seeing her. She enters in and hears servants talking that laundiya/girl was jumping on Arjun’s leniance, now she will see how Shamsher will cut her feathers. Shamsher enters and asks servant where is she. Servant says in a room. Shamsher kicks door and does not find her. Servant says where she must have gone. Shamsher slaps him and shouts how dare to ask him.

Aradhya from home jail asks if he is searching her. She reminisces Arjun giving her lock and telling anything may happen in his absence, so she should protect herself in home jail. She locks herself and hides key. Shamsher gives her flying kisses and says he will cut her

feathers now. He asks servant to give key. Aradhya says Arjun took key as he does not trust anyone. Shamsher asks servant to bring hammer to break lock. Servant says this lock will not break. Shamsher asks to go home and bring key. He sits on chair and starts tauting Aradhya.

Arjun reaches home, wishes Aji amma, and picks broken vase from floor and says he will fix it, but it does not look like the one dad gave her. She says she lied just like he lied her. She told him to keep girl as hostage, but he kept her like a princess/guest. He says she is in home jail. She says she is Tilakraj’s daughter and she will get liquor contract only via her. Arjun says she should punish Tilakraj instead of his innocent daughter. Bhavri angrily says he is tried and should go and rest. He angrily leaves.

Shamsher enjoy alcohol and sings bachke zara beimaniyan o lady…song… Aradhya laughs. He asks why she is laughing. She says he is singing wrong. He asks servant if he is singing wrong. Aradhya signs. He asks who sang right. Servants run from there. Shamsher says once he gets key, he will show what he can do. She yawns. He says he came here for his entertainment, not hers. He continues drinking alcohol angrily and sits on chair. Aradhya continues singing and taunting him.

Arjun reminisces Aji amma/Bhavri scolding him that he betrayed her. He shouts having dinner with anyone does not mean he is betraying her, instead she is betraying him and Aradhya by holding them.

Aradhya continues taunting him and says he just knows to bark. He says he is living dabang life and not a dual life like Arjun, Aji amma herself told he is bahubali and tiger. He shouts to go and sit. She sits. He says he looks good sitting silently….He gets too inebriated and falls asleep. She calls him andasks if he slept. He does not respond. She peeps out, silently picks key, and tries to open lock, but sees him moving and drops key. Key falls in between Shamsher’s feet. She then silently picks it and opens lock and door and silently gets out. She then silently picks his mobile from his pocket. He opens eyes.

Precap: Tilakraj’s bodyguards attack Bhavri’s guards and enter house. Tilakraj enters holding gun, saying he will destroy Bhavri today.

Update Credit to: MA

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