Piya Rangrezz 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunehri tells Shraddha that Bhavri’s goons saved her from thieves and brought her here. Bhavri asks Shraddha if she is happy now. She tears hand writing papers and says her supporters can die for her, but Shraddha doubted them, she will not forgive her for this. Maama asks hand writing expert Mohan to leave. Mohan leaves. Shraddha apologizes Bhavri. She asks to apologize whose signatures she took. She says sorry to Vikas, mama, and Aditya. They say it is okay.

Shraddha enters room and sees Sher on bed. She apologizes him. He says he did not marry her to make mistake and apologize. She was apologizing amma and others today, he loves her and cannot see her like this. If this continues, he will shoot himself. She asks him not to think like that. He says though he must have

yelled at her, he loves her a lot and the problem is he did not get opportunity to show his love seeing situations here. He knows she does does not like her job, but he cannot leave it and even her. She says she loves him a lot and wants him to see his loyal side. He asks if she will not leave her plans and says he wanted her to feel like his queen. She says we can build our own world in this room and we can take oath that whatever happens outside this room, we will not get those problem inside this room. He promises her.

Bhavri gulps alcohol in hall. Shraddha asks what is she doing outside at this time and asks if she needs anything. Bhavri says she wants her to leave her son permanently and says she is tired of cat and mouse game and wants to ask her directly if she wants to snatch her from from her. Shraddha says she is just following her patni dharm by giving Sher’s side and she cannot take her right as Sher loves his amma a lot. Bhavri asks if she thinks she will trust her, she is working hard to give this wealth to Sher so that he can live his life without any problems. She says she makes rules in her world and in Shraddha’s world, she could not even get Sher out of jail. Shraddha says in both worlds she sees love for Sher. Bhavri says she wants to see how much she loves Sher and says she will give he 3 tasks and if she fishes them, she can take away Sher permanently and if she loses, she will have to get out of Sher’s life permanently.

Shraddha says Sher is priceless for her and she will not bet him. Bhavri asks her to stop her cowardness and says when she is betting her son, why can’t she, she is giving her golden chance to get her husband permanently. She says she may not complete 3 tasks in her life, so if she completes even 1 task, she will handover Sher permanently and asks if she agrees. Shraddha stands silently. Bhavri says even if she does not agree, she will have to, else she will force Sher into more ruthless tasks and will make him murder someone in front of her. Shraddha asks what she has to do. Bhavri asks her to rest now as she has to come with her to her den and handle her business. She asks her again to rest well as she is hardworking and she may not handle stress and lose.

Shraddha with Sher reaches Bhavri’s desi liquor factory and blocks her nose due to rotten fruit smell. Bhavri says this is their bread and butter and she should smell it as perfume. She says they rotten fruits for days and then get liquor out of it and asks Shraddha to try preparing liquor. Servant gives Bhavri to test liquor. Bhavri asks him to let Shraddha try as she is learning her job. Sher gets tensed. Shraddha tests liquor and gets nauseated. Bhavri asks her to smell it. She smells and feels more nauseated. Bhavri taunts that she cannot even smell, how will she digest it. Shraddha gets dizzy due to smell and falls. Sher runsto pick her up. Bhavir sees Sher leaving his gun open and gets angry. Sher picks Shraddha and leaves.

Precap: Shraddha gives Sher a rose and he dorns it in her hair. Bhavri enters and gets irked seeing bouquets of flowers all around room.

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