Piya Rangrezz 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shamsher reminisces Aradhya’s words and thanking him. Servant calls him in. He signals to go. Aradhya cries due to pain and pops in pain killer. Arjun enters and says Shamsher is taking care of her like this. Aradhya asks her to leave and limps. He says Shamsher is an animal and will harm her more. She tries to leave. He holds her hands and says she will not go anywhere. He tries to pick her, but she pushes and tries to leave, but he pushes her and her head falls on table and she falls unconscious. He ties he hands, picks her and walks out. Anjali sees them and asks him to leave Aradhya. He drops Aradhya in car, pushes Anjali and asks her to tell Shamsher to stay away from Aradhya, and leaves in his car.

Aradhya informs Bhavri that Arjun took Aradhya forcefully. Munmun

says Arjun kidnapped Aradhya. Bhavri asks her to stop her drama. Anjali says Shamsher’s phone is not reachable. Bhavri says she sent Shamsher on an important work and she will inform him. She asks also not to onform Munna. Anjali leaves. Bhavri smirks that her plan is working. Anjali informs naani and naani rushes towards Bhavri’s room.

Arjun takes Aradhya to her father’s home and says their marriage was incomplete in this place and he will complete it today. He takes her to room and gives her sari, bindi, kumkum, etc. towear it. She throws it. He shouts he brought her with love and she threw it. He tries to leave. He pushes her on bed and changes her leg bandages. He says from today they will be husband and wife. She asks if he has gone mad, she is Shamsher’s wife and his sister-in-law. He brings divorce papers and asks her to sign them. Aradhya looks at him in a shock and tries to run again. He catches her again and shouts to sign papers, when he did not kill her father and loves her, then what problem she has. He forcefully hands her papers and asks to sign. She says she will not. He picks knife and threatens to slit his wrist. She signs divorce papers and he happily looks at papers and says finally she got rid of Shamsher.

Naani goes to Bhavri’s room and asks her if she informed Shamsher or not. Bhavri says his phone is not reachable. Naani says she can do anything if she likes. Bhavri thinks she can, but she wants something else.

Arjun asks Aradhya not to cry, today is her marriage. He picks papers and goes down to check panditji. She silently tries to escape and hides behind cupboard seeing him coming. He goes to her room and shouts Aradhyaa.. He and pandit search her in whole house. She rushes down He runs and catches her and forcefully makes her sit in mantap. Shamsher enters with gun. Pandit runs from there. Shamsher reminsices Anjali and Naani reaching liquor factory informing him that Arjun kidnapped Aradhya. He holds Aradhya’s hand and tries to leave. Arjun holds other hand and asks Shamsher to leave Aradhya’s hand, her happiness with him. Shamsher points gun. Arjun says he can kill, else he will get Aradhya at any cost. Shamsher says he already broke their brotherhood and he will not hesitate to shoot him. he picks Aradhya and leaves.

Precap: Shamsher nurses Aradhya’s wounds and she looks at him emotionally.

Update Credit to: MA

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