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Chanda tells everyone that she is not lying. Shraddha asks her to calm down. Chanda goes and hugs Sher tightly, but She does not respond. Shraddha says Bhavri that Chanda is nervous and tensed that she does not know what happened. She went into godown and due to darkness did not see Vikas who is drinking there. She did not see his face and starts beating him. Vikas tried to explain, but she continues her tussle due to which her blouse tore and she hit Vikas’s head with bottle. She asks Chanda if this is the case. Chanda says must be. Shraddha says Bhavri Vikas can do anthing but not rape of anyone, it is just a misunderstanding and she should forgive Vikas. Bhavri walks from there with mama following her. Vikas apologizes Shradha and leaves. Sher leaves with Chanda. Sunehri

cries and Shraddha hugs and consoles her. Gajra asks why Shraddha why did not she expose Chanda at once. Shraddha says Chanda would have alleged Vikas of stealing then and he would have been in trouble. She will expose chanda’s madness in front everyone soon.

Sher drops Chanda to their room and tries to leave. Chanda holds his hand and apologizes. He says if she has not done mistake, then she should not apologize and if she is, then she realized her mistake. She asks him to stay with her. He says he has important work and leaves.

Shraddha stops Sher and thanks him for trusting her. He says he trusted Vikas and says his eyes are seeing what is wrong. He sees Chanda listening to their conversation and leaves. Chanda fumes that Sher trusted Shraddha than her, so she will punish Sher and kill Chanda and her child.

Mama asks Bhavri why did she beat Vikas like a dog. Bhavri says she came under Chanda’s talks. Mama then reminisces finding money bundle in Vikas’ shoe box and says she did right as Vikas was drinking during day time instead of working. Sunehri brings food thali for Bhavri. Mama asks where is his thali. She says she did not know he is here and says will bring his thali. Bhavri gives her balm to apply on Vikas’ wounds and money for treatment. Sunehri says she does not need it. Bhavri says she decides who needs what in this house. Sunehri accepts it and says Vikas is not that bad than she thinks, his wounds will not heal until she forgives him. Bhavri nods yes and aasks her to go.

Chanda reminisces Sher’s words and thinks Sher made a big mistake by not trusting her, she will punish Sher repeatedly for his mistake and drops water on her head.

During breakfast, Sunehri serves jalebis to everyone. Mama says jalebis taste good during winter. Shraddha gives Sher roti. He asks her to take care of his child and rest. Sunheri asks her to sit and enjoy jalebis. Bhavri comes for breakfast and asks Vikas how is his pain, if not, she will beat him again. Mama asks to forgive Vikas and asks Vikas to apologize jiji. Vikas apologizes and Bhavri forgives him. After breakfast, she asks Chanda to bring tea. Sunehri says Gajra still did not come down. Gajra says she will call her. Bhavri asks Sher to call Chanda. Sher goes to bring her and is shocked to see something.

Sher takes Shraddha to terrace and asks Chanda to take care of her. Chanda nods yes but fumes. Sher goes and watches Chanda’s moves on CCTV and tells Vikas he wants to see if she is really mad. Chanda walks near Shraddha with schizophrenic expressions.

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