Piya Rangrezz 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shamsher reminisces Aradhya telling him I love you and thinks she is his wife and he can go to him whenever he likes. He reaches home and sees a car and someone outside and asks who is he. He says he is a cleaner and car broke down. He holds man’s collar and asks if Arjun sent him. Man pushes him and rushes in car. Shamsher sees his mobile on ground and sees aji amma and Kamlesh kidnapper’s incoming calls. He thinks whom Aji amma wants to kidnap now and reminisces Aji amma yelling and warning Aradhya to get out of her house, thinks Aradhya’s life is in danger.

Shamsher rushes to his room calling Aradhya. Aradhya comes out of washroom. He packs her clothes and says she has to leave. She asks if she did any mistake now. He says she never did any mistake and he was

at mistake always. She asks what happened. He says aji amma is angry on her and will harm her. She says aji amma is just angry and will not harm her. Hes ays he does not know aji amma well. She says aji amma is irked that he loves her and will calm down soon. He says she is so good that anybody would love her. He says he was getting irritated on her purposefully as he did not want to love her, now he cannot live without her. She asks what is love. He says love is living together for life and sacrifice for each other, says I love you. She smiles. Anjali enters says bhabi…seeing them together and says she did not see anything. Shamsher asks why she came here. She says aji amma called and asked if he will come to meet her in village. He thinks aji amma wants to know if Aradhya is kidnapped or not. He goes out and picks landline, but call gets disconnected. He rushes back to room thinking of getting Aradhya out soon but does not see her, thinks she must have gone to village to speak to Aji amma.

Aradhya comes out of house and goons kidnap her. She calls Shamsher. Shamsher comes out running and sees goons kidnaping her and rushing in car. A boy gives him letter which reads Bhavri kidnapped Aradhya and kept her in party office. He leaves and boy enters house back. Munmun smiles at boy and thinks now drama will start.

Goon ties Aradhya to a chair. Aradhya asks who sent him. Bhavri enters with Munna. Aradhya asks him to explain aji amma to free her. Munna says Bhavri is very determined and she should understand instead. Bhavri shouts she cannot fool Munna like she fooled her grandsons, he is very loyal and will die for her. Aradhya says Shamsher loves her and she wants to go back to him. Bhavri shouts her tears will not deter her decision, her win is troubling her. She shouts Aradhya defeated Bhavri. Aradhya says she cannot lose. Bhavri shouts Shasmher stood against her, so she lost, now Aradhya will die today. She asks Munna to shoot her. Munna points gun on Aradhya’s forehead.

Aradhya tries to convince Bhavri, but Bhavri shouts to stop her drama and orders Munna to shoot her. Shamsher enters and pushes goon over Munna and then rescues Aradhya. Bhavri says he will go alone and laundiya will die. Shamsher says he will not let Aradhya die. Bhavri shouts Aradhya is controlling him and orders goons to take Shamsher from there. Munna holds gun on Shamsher and says he is very loyal to jiji and can kill even him. Bhavri orders him to just hold Shamsher and holds gun on Aradhya and shouts she will die for snatching her grandsons from her. Shamsher pleads not to kill Aradhya. Bhavri shouts until Aradhya is alive, he will not come back to her. He holds knife on hs wrist and warns to spare Aradhya, else he will slit his wrist. Bhavri says if he is adamant, she is more adamant than him.

Precap: Munna thinks Bhavri’s heart should not melt for Shamsher and Shamsher should die with Aradhya.

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