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Sher tensely opens alcohol bottle to gulp a peg when Bhavri comes and he gets irked and keeps back glass. Bhavri says if he follows loyalty, he will be behind bars soon. He should agree to accept and give bribe., etc.. He hears Shraddha singing bhajan and goes down to home temple. Shraddha sings bhajan holding bridge map papers on aarti thali and gives prasad to Sumer, Sunehri, ad Gajra. She then gives it to Sher. Bhavri laughs and says Sher does not believe in god, so he will not take prasad. Shraddha asks sher to accept it as a sweet. He accepts. Shraddha then asks Bhavri to take prasad. She throws aarti thali and says she does not like begging and till now she snatched what she liked. Shraddha says she is not begging god but praying gor prosperity of this house. Sher helps Shraddha pick

pooja item and when he tries to pick map, bhavri steps on it and says his dream will be on this paper forever and he will not be able to construct bridge. Sher laughs loudly. Aditya enters and says Sher has gone mad in tension. Sher says he is laughing on them and takes his partners for discussion. He asks Shraddha also to accompany. Vikas asks Bhavri what happened to bhaiyaji. sher asks him to wait till morning.

In the morning, Mama informs Bhavri that Sher has already started constructing bridge. She reaches spot with maama and Vikas. Sher greets her and says he has started construction on her idea and says he is constructing bride on the left side land instead of right and will be earning 30 lakhs profit more than estimated. Bhavri fumes.

In the morning while still on his bed reading news paper, Sher sees Shraddha sleeping on floor and starts staring at her. Shraddha wakes up and asks why did not he wake him up and ties her hair. He asks her to keep her hair loose, gets nervous and says it is written in paper. Shraddha asks him to show paper. He says it is ok..She asks what else is printed. He says a kid went missing and his parents have published news. He gets angry on parents that they could not take care of child well. Shraddha says there must be some other reason. Sher says his friend got missing in mela and if he gets a child, he will not let his hand free at all.

Sher reaches construction site and his supervisor tells his suggestion of double shift work is good, but they can start work only tomorrow when all equipments arrive. Sher asks him what about today. Sumer says supervisor is right, it is very risky to start work in dark. Sumer then suggests they should get 3-4 more contracts. Sher says they should not run and be greedy and first show their quality. Worker calls contractor to the side and discusses something. Sher asks what happened. Supervisor says driver has not come to ply truck. Sher says he will and takes keys from him. Contractor says if he works like this, nobody can stop him from meeting success.

While cooking, Sunehri and Shraddha discuss what they will do when they get money. They ask Gajra what will she do. She says she will clear her parent’s debts. Bhavri comes and says they are dreaming very high and tells Shraddha her husband will not win and will feel defeat soon. Shraddha says his defeat is her defeat as she cannot see her son in pain. Bhavri holds her mouth and tries to hit, but stops seeing Sunehri and Gajra. She tells Sher is habituated to live a tiger life and will not like begging, soon he will leave loyalty and truth. Shraddha says he will not and if he stumbles, she will hold him. Bhavri challenges that she will make him amma’a loyal again soon.

Precap: Sher reaches home at night for work and Sunheri says Shraddha took food for him at construction site. Shraddha sees supervisor giving a small kid’s bali/killing..

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. I love the couple sher and shraddha.but i hate that bhavri..???

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