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Tilakraj’s servant fixes Bhavri and her family’s pics on board and says this is Bhavri’s family and each member can die for her. Tilakraj says even he wants to kill them and he wants to get info about each of them. He will attack this time and will destroy Bhavri’s empire. He reminisces Bhavri slapping him with her slipper and says he will destroy Bhavri. Sister says Aradhya is still under Bhavri’s clutch. Servant says his men are following Arjun and soon Aradhya will be back home.

Arjun drives car with Aradhya and offers her water. She says no. He calsl her mad for coming back. She says she does charity and did one more. He calls her mad again. She says she will jump if he calls her mad again. He locks door and says she is untrustable. She says

she is, so she came back. He sees Tilakraj’s men following him and speeds up. Aradhya asks why is he driving rashly. Arjun continues speeding and makes Tilakraj’s men’s car crash with a tree. Aradhya shouts to stop car, she can help injured people. He asks her to relax and says those were her papa’s men who came to take her back. She says she lost one more chance and shouts. He asks her to relax andsays once Aji amma’s liquor contract is back, he will free her. He then ties her hands and says he has to.

Farm house guard shows watch to his wife and says Shamsher gave it and if they keep Tilakraj’s daughter well, they will get many gifts. Arjun reaches there. Aradhya says there are only 2 people here. They both frighten her that even animals will be seen soon. Arjun takes her in and shows home jail. She says Aji amma has arranged her stay well and gets into jail. Servant locks door. Arjun asks her to open lock and asks Aradhya to come out and says she will not stay here. She asks then where. He says in a room. Servant says but..Arjun shouts to shut up and says she will not escape and if she tries, jungle animals will kill her. He goes to check room and asks her to sit. She sits on bench and servant guards. Aradhya shouts and Arjun runs back and asks what did they do with her. Servant says Shamsher called and told this girl is arrogant, so he dropped cold water on her. Arjun slaps him and says he will throw them out if they do anthing like this again. He drapes towel over shivering Aradhya and asks them to go and arrange food. He tells Aradhya to go in and wear her mother’s clothes.

Arjun then goes out and looks at table with flower vase. Lights go off. He lighs candle on table. Aradhya comes wearing Shraddha’s cloths. He looks at her from top to bottom and gets mesmerized with her beauty. She says she did not wear sari before. He says it is perfect and asks her to sit. She says she does not like to be kidnapped. He says it is a ritual to feed sheep before sacrifice. She laughs.

Bhavri calls Arjun. Arjun picks and says he has reached farm house. Due to network, Bhavri cannot hear anything. He keeps phone without disconnecting. Bhavri switches on speaker and listens to their talk and laughs. She shouts Shamsherrr..

Shamsher comes. Bhavri says she made mistake by sending Arjun instead of Shamsher and asks him to go there. Shamsher says let Arjun handle it. Bhavri says Arjun go illness of loving woman from his father. She wants Shamsher to go there aned explain Aradhya that she is a hostage and not gust. Shamsher says as she wishes and leaves.

Shamsher rides casr towards farm house with his cousin and cousin bores him with talks.

Aradhya and Arjun continue to talk even after dinne. He touches her hand by mistake and she gets shy.

Arjun calls Bhavri. Bhavri asks to return back as she broke his father’s vase. He says it is just a vase. She says it was Sher’s gift. He asks her not to cry, he will come in some time. He tells Aradhya that he has to go and will be back in some hours. She says he does not hae to tell all this to a hostage,not to worry she will be fine.

Precap: Bhavri tells Arjun that he broke her trust by making hostage a guest, this time she has sent a person who will do his job better. Shamsher locks Aradhya back into home jail.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. who is actually opposite to aradhya??

  2. shamsher

  3. I guess Arjun

  4. Munmun & Shamsher. After all birds of the same feather

  5. Arjun and aradhya look nice aradhya should be pair up with arjun instead of shemsher

  6. Fully agree with you zara

  7. She will eventually be cast opposite shamsher…

  8. Plsssss shraddha come back as shamsher’ s pair. I request you all my friends who are in south India who started watching this serial have stopped watching because you are not in this show plss…Come back

  9. It is not that my friends have stopped .I need you in this show .without u it is boring .aradhya is good but she is suiting only with Arjun not with shamsher .plazas come back soon….

  10. It is not that my friends have stopped .I need you in this show .without u it is boring .aradhya is good but she is suiting only with Arjun not with shamsher .plsss come back soon….

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