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Sunehri enters Bhavri’s haveli silently wearing shawl over her face. She sees Bhavri with Sher and hides behind pillar. Sher while having dinner asks Gajra to bring pickles. Gajra gives him pickle bottle and goes to bring water. Bhavri catches Sunehri’s, shuts her mouth and drags her to her room. Mama and Vikas see that and stand in front of Sher. Shraddha comes for dinner. Sher asks her to call amma/Bhavri. Shraddha walks towards Bhavri’s room. Bhavri strangulates Sunehri, but stops hearing door knock and asks who is it. Shraddha says it is her, sher asked her to come for dinner. Bhavri asks her to wait outside, ties Sunehri’s mouth and hands and warns her not to shout, else she will kill both her and Shraddha. She then opens door and asks what she needs. Shraddha

says she did not open door since a long time. Bhavri says it is her room and she can do anything. Shraddha says she was just asking. Bhavri asks why did she come. Shraddha says Sher is calling her for dinner. Bhavri says sher has grown up, but does not want to have food without amma. She locks door and asks Shraddha to come and serve food. Shradha walks towards kitchen.

Bhavri starts dinner with Sher and mama. A man comes. Mama asks if he came to collect charity and asks him to get out. Shraddha says she called him. Man comes and sits. Shraddha says he is Mohanji, a handwriting expert from her college who helped police many times catch culprit. Mama asks she told Sunehri was illiterate. She says she wants to find out who is the culprit and asks everyone to scribble on paper. Sher asks if she has gone mad, when he warned her not to create drama, she did not obey him. He asks Mohan to get out, but Shraddha asks him to sit. Sher says bhavri that Sunehri was literate. Bhavri asks how dare to doubt her. Shraddha says she is not and wants to find out who stole her money. Sher says he will scribble on paper first, writes and gives to mohan. Bhavri says they can do whatever they like, but she will go her room and asks mama to call her back once this drama finishes.

Shraddha gives paper to Aditya to write. Bhavri enters her room and starts frightening Sunehri that she will throw her in bhatti/furnace if she does not listen to her and tells her what to do. Sunehri nods agrees and nods yes. Mama and Vikas scribble and hand over paper to Shraddha, but Aditya waits. Shraddha asks him to give papers if he has scribbled. He hesitantly writes and hands over paper. Sher asks Shraddha also to write and she does and gives paper to Mohan. Mohan checks papers and nods no. When he checks Aditya’s paper and is about to say both handwritings match, guard brings sunehri with money bag.

Shraddha asks Sunehri what happened to her. Bhavri starts yelling at Sunehri and asks guards where did they find her. Guard says she was eloping with some men, men escape, but they caught her. Shraddha asks Sunehri to tell what happened to her. Bhavri yells and asks Bhavri to speak. Sunehri says she saw whole family was out of house, she heard a sound in Bhavri’s room, saw 2 people trying to steal Bhavri’s money and when she tried to confront them, they held her on gun point and made her write that letter to make everyone feel that she tried to steal money, Bhavri’s goons saved her from those thieves and brought them here.

Precap: Bhavri tells Shraddha she will give her 3 tasks to complete to get Sher forever, if she fails, she will have to leave Sher forever.

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