Piya Rangrezz 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sher reaches judge’s cabin with mama and angrily looks at Shraddha reminscing how she asked him to let her move ahead in life. Shraddha also reminisces Bhavri warning her to leave her lalla forever. Mama says judge that everyone has come. Judge asks Shraddha and Sher to sit and asks Shraddha if she wants divorce herself or has any other reason, usually wife asks for divorce when husband tortures her, but she has written incompatibility as a reason. Shraddha keeps silent. Magistrate asks if she is hiding anyting. Sher says he is right, she is hiding and says their thought don’t match at all. Shraddha is first class pass graduate and he is just pass, she is teacher’s daughter and he is liquor seller’s son, she is well mannered and he is a goon, so she wants to be freed.

Bhavri says when matter has come to court, it is better to approve divorce. Magistrate asks Shraddha’s parents if they have to say anything. They say they agree for divorce. Magistrate says then he will proceed divorce petition. Sher tries to walk out. Magistrate asks him to sit and says he has seen world more than him and would suggest them both to stay together in a room for some time as togetherness will change their lives. Bhavri gets tensed and asks why is he stopping divorce. Magistrate asks if her lawyer did not explain how divorce happens, just petition has been registered now and only after months of staying together, divorce will be approved. Mama asks him to not stretch the issue and approve divorce. Magistrate says this case has no strong reason, so they both have to stay together in a same room for 6 months. Sher says he will not stay with Shraddha even for 2 min and walks out. Bhavri fumes.

Gajra sees sumer tensed and asks reason. He says the way Sher wants to give rights to Chanda and today is Sher and Shraddha’s divorce hearing. Vikas enters just when with Sunehri and starts his usual jokergiri. He asks if all is well at home. Sumer stands silently. Vikas asks why is he so silent, if he did not like him coming back, and asks who is this, pointing at Chanda. Vikas says Sher’s would be wife. Vikas and Sunehri are shocked to hear that.

Sher while driving his bullet reminisces Shraddha telling she does not want to go back to him as she has another person in her life now and he should let her move ahead. He drops bike at a shop and buys water bottle. He hears Pankaj telling his girlfriend that he is playing drama with Shraddha for money and once Shraddha’s divorce happens, he is free and then he can marry his girlfriend. He goes near Pankaj and Pankaj is shocked to see him. He slaps Pankaj and asks who told him to do drama. People catch sher and pankaj elopes with his girlfriend on bike.

Vikas asks Sumer not to lie. Sher says he is telling truth and ammaji herself chose chanda. Vikas starts buttering Chanda and says if bua has selected her, then she must be very much capable . He falls on her feet and asks to bless him. Chanda gets afraid and runs.

Mama asks magistrate not to stretch issue. Magistrate says he cannot bypass law and until sher comes and signs on papers, he cannot move the case. Sher enters, signs papers and says he is ready to stay with Shraddha for 6 months and respects law. Judge says he is giving them 6 month’s post date and they both should be present on that day.

Sher tells Shraddha she has to come with him now. Bhavri gets tensed. Shraddha reminisces Bhavri warning that she will shoot Sher. Bhavri asks what is he telling. Sher says what she heard and now even court has placed a condition that Shraddha has to stay with him for 6 months to break this relationship. He says Shraddha she has to answer him before going home and asks why pankaj promised to marry someone else and says he saw Panjak with his girlfriend and they both ran away seeing him. He asks repeatedly why did she lie him.

Precap: Sher holds Shraddha’s hand and drags her into car and leaves. Mama says if Shraddha informs Sher about their pressure, Sher will not spare them.

Update Credit to: MA

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