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Bhavri takes Chanda to her room and fumes how dare Vikas is to touch her, she will cut his hands. Shraddha comes with Sher and says she told her many times that Chanda is mentally ill. Bhavri asks what drama is this now. Bhavri says Shraddha is telling right, gives her 1 lakh rs bundle and says Chanda gave it to her to hide her secret. Bhavri asks what does he mean. Vikas gets Chanda’s medicine bottle from her makeup kit and says she takes pills to be under control. Bhavri asks Sher what is all this. He says he doubted Chanda from before and waited till Shraddha proved it. He snatches mangalsutra from Chanda and dorns it on Shraddha’s neck and says she is his real wife. Chanda shouts no no.. and gets out of her imagination. Bhavri asks what happened and asks her to relax

and leaves. Chanda locks door in a hurry and pops in her pill.

Sunehri gives water to Vikas. Shraddha brings lemon water and says he will feel better. Vikas touches her feet and apologizes for not listening to her and taking mad Chanda’s side. Shraddha asks him to get up. Vikas says she saved him, else he would have been killed. Shraddha gets him up and says battle is still on and they got a chance to prove his innocence. Vikas says he will inform everyone that Chanda is mentally ill and pops in pills like chana to keep herself under control, he will get his pharmacist friend as evidence. Shraddha says Shraddha played a big game and they should prove him innocent first and then think of Chanda. He makes him sit and gives him lemon water to drink. She then consoles Sunehri and walks towards door and is shocked to see Sher standing near door and listening to their conversation. Sher leaves.

Shraddha walks into godown. Chanda sees that and fumes. Shraddha checks alcohol glass and other items for evidence and finds empty alcohol bottles on floor with one of them having blood stains. Chanda comes there, picks rod and walks towards Chanda to beat her, but stops seeing door sound and hides. Sher comes and calls Chanda. Shraddha is surprised to hear that. Chanda comes out and Sher asks why did she come here. Chanda says she saw Shraddha coming in, so she came to protect her as per his orders. She was hiding as Shraddha was collecting evidence against her to prove herself wrong. Sher sees rod nearby and asks how did it come here. Chanda nervously says she does not know and she did not keep it here. Shraddha says when did Sher say that, she is getting trapped in her own words. Sher asks Shraddha to stop her Sherlock Holmes roll and go back to her room and asks Chanda to come with him. Shraddha sees blood stains on her hand when her bangle breaks.

In the evening, whole family gathers. Sher tells Bhavri that Shraddha asked a chance to prove Vikas innocent. Even he does not feel Vikas can do any heinous act as he knows him since childhood. Bhavri asks Shraddha what she wants to say. Shraddha says she wants to question Chanda and asks her to tell what happened with her. Chanda gets nervous and stammers that she went into godown with some work and inebriated Vikas entered and tried to come closer to her and then misbehaved with her. Shraddha asks what happened next. Chanda says she got afraid and tried to get away from Vikas, but he was trying to come closer to her. She saw alcohol bottle and hit Vikas on his head and ran out from there saving her dignity. Shraddha consoles her and gives water. Bhavri says in this kalyug, woman is woman’s enemy and asks Shraddha if her questioning is finished. Shraddha says just 1-2 questions more.

They all hear someone shouting help help. Mama says it is Gajra’s voice and they all run into godown and scold Gajra why is she shouting. Shraddha says she told Gajra to shout and says godown’s door was shut just like now. Chanda must have also shouted for help, then why did not anyone of us hear her shout. Chanda nervously says Vikas shut her mouth. Shraddha asks why did she come here. Chanda gets more tensed and says she does not remember. Bhavri asks to remember. Chanda says she remembers and says she came to keep newspapers here and tells Shraddha that she will not succeed in proving her wrong as she is right. Shaddha says she is mistaking her and asks why did not her hands get injured with broken bangles during scuffle. Chanda nervously stammers and says she does not remember. Shraddha asks her to remember as she also got injured when her bangle broke.

Vikas asks Chanda if he needs to call his pharmacist friend Monto. Chanda gets nervous.

Precap: Shraddha thanks Sher to trust her. Sher days he trusted Vikas and does not believe in what he sees. Chands hears that and says she will punish Sher for not trusting her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kutti kmini chanda chanda chanda chanda chanda pka diya pura kab tak chanda ki mala japte rhoge…..

  2. Sher ji bach kar rhna abb chanda aapki dhulai karegi ?????
    I mean purre show mein iss pagal ko hu dikhate hai ?

  3. Ohh please chanda’s imaginations really need to stop

  4. Chanda kab jae giii
    Is ke dreams khatam hi nai ho rahe.
    Ab har cheez dream lag rahi hai :-[

  5. Chand sirf dreams dekhne ke liye paida hue hai ??????
    Sherji jab shraddha apko shaadi karne se rok rahi thi tho aapne dhyaan nahi diya ????
    Abhi kya shraddha ko kabhi believe hi nahi karenge

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