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Munny meets Arjun and asks him to be careful here, he will come and inform him what is happening outside. Arjun nods yes. Anjali sees Aradhya working and asks why is she working with fractured legs. Aradhya says she got habituated to work and asks if she has something to say. Anjali asks how does she know and says there is a surprise for her. She takes to a well-decorated honeymoon suite with bed and whole place decorated with flowers. Aradhya asks she did this. Anjali says yes, her brother called her wife in front of everyone, so she deserves this and asks if she knows what is this. Aradhya nervously says yes but…Anjali says she should not shy away and enjoy.

Shamsher enters. Anjali locks door from outside and leaves smiling. Aradhya says she did not do this and it is Anjali.

Shamsher says he knows she cannot. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She says he called her wife in front of everyone. He says he took revenge as she calls him husband everywhere. She says she means by heart. He says even he means by heart and can prove it. She gets more nervous. Bol na sach bolna…song..plays in the background.

Bhavri reminisces Shamsher taking Aradhya’s side and Aradhya challenging that Shamsher will become wild tiger to a well cultured man whom people will respect. She shouts laundiyaa…

Arjun relistens to Veer’s confession and reminisces Munmun and Munna’s hatred for Shamsher and think how Munna can live under same roof when he hates Shamsher so much.

Bhavri comes to Munna’s room and asks if he can do anything for her. He can he can even die for her. She asks him to take Aradhya to a jungle and kill her as she cannot tolerate Aradhya snatching Shamsher from her. Once she leaves, Munna laughs that a small girl is troubling jiji.

Shamsher asks Aradya why she is crying. She says she cannot believe he accepted her. He says even he cannot believe she can go to any extent for him. She says she is very happy. He says I love you and they both consummate their marriage.

Munna tells Munmun that jiji gave him a tough task. She asks what did she order now. He says jiji wants him to kill Aradhya. She says he is very innocent and says Shamsher confronted Aji bua for Aradhya, let Aji bua and Aradhya fight and whoever dies, they will benefit.

Munna gets contract killer to Bhavri’s cabin. She asks if he can kill Aradhya. Munna says yes. She asks him to bring Aradhya to party office and let Shamsher think that she will not harm Aradhya due to her political ambition, she gives a damn and wants to get rid of her. She turns and gets tensed seeing Shamsher. Shamsher says kidnapping idea is wrong and talks about finishing enemy. She relaxes thinking he does not know anything. He thinks aji amma is hiding something. He asks Munna what they are hiding, if Arjun called. Munna says no and leaves. Shamsher thinks Aji amma is up to something.

Precap: Shamsher searches Aradhya at home and sees goons kidnapping her and rushing in a car.

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