Piya Rangrezz 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri’s family gather for holika dahan. Servant asks Shamsher to do holika dahan like he does every year. Shamsher takes torch. Munmun snatches torch and throws it and asks if he forgot Manohar’s death so soon and celebrating without any pain. Munna stops her. She says instead of mourning Manohar’s death and finding his murderer, he is enjoying holi here. Munna tries to slap her, but Naani stops him. Shamsher says it is brother and sister’s problem and they will solve it with words. Munmun says Manohar’s murderer is enjoying life. Shamsher asks if she still thinks he is Manohar’s murderer and says he just frighetened Manohar and did not kill him. He apologizes if she felt bad. Naani says Munmun she got such a nice brother who is apologizing her

even after being elder. Munmun thinks he is acting. Shamsher asks her to hug him and smile. She acts as smiling and apologizes him.

Naani asks where is Bhavri. Arjun says he gave her medicine and she is resting. Anjali enters and says even she is here and tells Shamsher he is hugging only 1 sister. Shamsher hugs her. Aradhya misses her brother Jairaj and hopes he is fine wherever he is. Anjali then hugs Arjun sadly. Shamsher asks how was her journey. She says journey was fine, but here…pointing at his and Aradhya’s marriage. She walks in followed by Aradhya. Arjun follows Aradhya.

Veer cuts his rope with blade, frees himself, and escapes from room after beating guard.

Aradhya walks in angrily. Arjun stops her and says she is worried for Shamsher who does not care her. She says she hates him. Shamsher comes in, holds Aradhya, and asks if devar bhaiya wants to talk important. He says he eed to talk personal with his wife.

Bhavri comes shouting and says Shamsher that Veer escaped from his room. Shamsher runs to store room, sprinkles water on guard and orders to find Veer. He goes down and yells at Aradhya that because of her Veer escaped, she wanted to prove her dad innocent, else he would have shot Veer yesterday itself. Bhavri says she needs back in store room.

Aradhya waits for Shamsher and thinks how did Veer escape even after such high security, someone must be helping him.

Munmun breaks things angrily in her room. Munna comes and asks why was she acting foolish with Shamsher. Munna says he does not want any problem again, unknowingly they have befriended Chanda’s son who burnt this house to kill whole family. Munmun says she would have befriended even Chanda to kill Bhavri’s family. Veer calls Munna and says he must be happy that he is his grandson. Munna asks him not to come near haveli, else he will die. Veer tells Munmun should act as having stomach ache and he should call ambulance. Munna asks if he has gone mad, why will he do that. Veer asks him to do as he says, else he knows what will happen.

Aradhya waits for Shamsher whole night and calls him repeatedly, but he is busy calling his goons and ordering to search Veer everywhere. She gets tired and falls asleep. Veer comes in the morning, sees her sound asleep, and thinks because of her Veer escaped and she is sleeping peacefully on his bed. He removes all the curtains and Aradhya wakes up feeling sunlight. She asks him if he found Veer. He asks her to stop acting, she was sleeping instead of worried for her husband. She says even she was awake whole night and fell asleep early morning. He continues yelling and says Aji amma’s life is at risk because of her. She says she wanted to get truth out from Veer and it is his guards mistake. Guard silently hears their conversation. Shamsher shouts she was chatting with Arjun and diverted their attention. He walks out yelling she does not deserve privacy. She sees guards walking outside room and peeping via window and closes window.

Precap: Veer enters haveli beating drum and smearing his face with holi and then enters Aradhya’s room.

Update Credit to: MA

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