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The episode starts with BD and Vikas, Aditya comes in all huffed. BD asks him the reason and he narrates about the dead body at the area of bridge construction. BC tells him to realx as that is done by her and its like two targets with a bullet. He din’t get it and She tells him that she got that man killed and he was the same who took bribe from them. She says that as he is no more so the blame of bribery over them is also over. Aditya says but the doubt will come on us directly. She says that this won’t happen, as he used to take bribe from many, as someone would not be capable of giving him bribe so killed him. He would be having many enemies. You just chill. Aditya praises her and she says i just like praise not buttering.

BD is doing gargles and Sher comes to her. He

calls her Amma. BD says why to came to me?? Oh for asking about my health?? Lalla nothing much , its itching in my throat . Sher says why you did this? She says Nah! i din’t do anything. Din’t take drink not anything else. Don’t know how all this happened. Sher tells her don’t try to divrt the topic as you know it well about what m talking. She tells him everything is fair in competition, you got that tender by ditching me, brought those authorities and got me insulted among all. I din’t came to you crying like this. The why your came to me? She says now what? You won’t be able to start your work for atleast 15 days. And you got just 3 months to construct that bridge. You will have to face the lose..2 lacs per day..this means 30 lacs within 15 days. Oh God such a huge lose at this initial stage. He says you are not doing right. BD says this is just the beginning of the game. Now what will you do, will put me behind the bars. Just remember one thing next will be my turn. Aditya comes in too and starts praising BD. He says i became a big fan of yours. Could not learn this much in 4 years being in London as much have learnt from you just in 4 days. BD says that even m thinking for opening up a school. As if will teach someone then my teaching will prosper. Atleast someone would be there to take them forward if not my own blood.He says we should celebrate. Lets go for a dinner..just you and me. Sher screams…Aye…BD interrupts and says why are you shouting like this at my partner. I never shouted at your partners. Talk with respect. BD says just go to your partners, m sure they will get some solution for this too. BD and Aditya goes from there and then comes Shradha . BD looks at her and Shradha goes to Sher. Holds his hand and signs him as don’t worry(…when Shradha is there..then no need to fear*yawns*). Sher says you said it right Amma. Game has just started …just wait and watch what happens next. BD feels irked and partners goes from there.

Sher and Sumer both goes to Police station, Sumer says that we don’t know anyone over here , how will we get our work done. Sher says like a common man as we are doing everything honestly. Theycomes to some policeman and that guy tells him to go to some senior, when they goes to some senior he tells them to go to higher officer. Sher comes in Inspectors cabin angrily and Inspector asks him the reason behind his ridiculous behaviour. Sher says that we are here since morning and no one is listening to us. Inspector listens to him. He tells inspector that from where the dead body is found, that place is mine and my construction for bridge is hurdled. Someone else killed that man at some other place and got him burried at some other place. Nnow when you have got the body and have send that for post-mortem too, then why you are not letting us start our work. Look inspector we are facing a huge lose coz of this, so please let us start our work. Inspector says that its matter of law and order, as that man was already a criminal in eyes of law and now died. So by the time , the reports does not come of post-mortem we can’t give you permission. Sher yells at him that i know everything , why you are doing all this. If someone will die amidst road then will yo block that road too?? Inspector tells him to lower down his tone else he will put him behind the bars. He is not his village’s police but the head quarters. Sher get angry but some how controls his anger. Sumer takes him away and asks for apology from inspector.

At haveli BD is talking to someone over phone. That construction should not start for 15 days. After all 2 lac per day is not less. And who doesn’t like bribe/hraam ki kmai. She says m sure you will handle those footage too.(footage of BD giving bribe to that official for tender). Aditya says that really you are great. And i have become a fan of yours. He says that whatever afterall you have a relation with Sher. She says relation can’t be one sided. When a bird looks at her chicks that they have grown up, she hits them from behind to throw them down off tree. So that they can learn to fly. Bbut if some chick tries to be over smart and himself falls off tree. It will hit his head hard on the land and his head will break. Sher too needs to learn this lesson. Ons his head will break only then he will get to know that he is nothing without his Amma. Adi says that m thinking to settle down here. To get a l’il house get over here and live here only. She says those who are addicted for Scotch they can’t digest Indian brands. He says ones someone gets addicted to Indian, the he won’t look at foreign brand(jise k angrezi peene ki aadat ho vo desi hazam nai kr skte, aur agr kisi ko desi ki adat ho jate to vo angrezi ki taraf dekhega b nai). BD looks on.

Sher comes home with Sumer in his jeep. Sumer tells him to calm down but Sher says how dare that inspector talked to me like that. Sumer is about to say something but Sher yells at him not to give me lecture. He goes and Sumer says bhaiya ji..common man…

Shradha Gajra Sunheri all are waiting for them. Sher doesn’t say anything and goes upstairs. Sumer comes and tells that they could not do anything. Shradha thinks on.

Sher goes in his room and opens a bottle of alcohol, pours in a glass and BD comes in. What happened Lalla, Won’t you share with your Amma. Sher looks irked and BD all happy.

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Update Credit to: Babbar Sher

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