Piya Rangrezz 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun asks Shamsher to apologize Aradhya. Shamsher apologizes her. Arjun then asks Shamsher to apologize Tilakraj. Shamsher apologizes even him and leaves asking Arjun to reach home soon. Veer murmurs in Tilakraj’s ears to stop Arjun either by emotional words or via his daughter. Tilkaraj says Arjun that he cannot trust Shamsher seeing his changed colors so suddenly, so he will not let him and Aradhya go to Bhavri’s house. Arjun stands sadly. Tilakraj thinks he has to do this to stop Aradhya from going there, else she may not see the incident that will happen there.

Munmun sees armed guards guarding weapon room and asks Munna mama to send them from there. Mama asks guards to keep cupboard in his room. They take cupboard to his room. Munmun hurriedly unlocks weapon

room and tells mama that nobody can stop Shamsher from dying today. Servants bring grocery bags. Mama asks why are they bringing them here instead of keeping in godown. They say Bhavri asked to keep them in her room and walk into Bhavri’s room. Mama follows them and sees Bhavri taking out guns from bags and asks what is this. Bhavri says she wants to be prepared well for any untoward event happening. She then goes to kichen and guides servant to prepare halwa. Shamsher enters kitchen and asks why is she preparing halwa. Bhavri says Arjun is coming and she wants to serve him his favorite halwa.

Tilakraj gets his team ready with weapon outside Bhavri’s home. Munna calls him and says Bhavri has brought lots of weapons and Shamsher can easily kill them all. Tilakraj asks to remove weapons from home at any cost.

Aradhya tells Arjun that she saw fear of losing him in Shamsher’s eyes and believes he was true this time, so he should go back home and not lose his family. Arjun asks why is she taking their side. Aradhya says she is taking her family’s side.

Bhavri is still busy preparing halwa. Munmun passes by suspiciously. Bhavri stops and asks why is she walking like this. Munmun says she is fine and leaves. Munmun then goes to weapon room and transfers weapons in boxes when Shamsher enters and asks what is she doing here. Munmun says she is checking weapons and would love shooting bullets, then stops and says sorry. He says he knows she is angry on him, but will be happy when he will find out Manohar’s real murderer and punish him. Munmun thinks he is acting innocent but will die today.

Precap: Bhavri fights with Tilakraj’s goons and masked Veer and her bullets get over. Veer gets happy seeing this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today episode was a bit nice because we saw shamshare in good behaviour like his previous avatar sher singh and he looked dashing, so handsome and cute ????

  2. Yes kudos to Gourav Bajaj … He can potray both rude and polite characters simultaneously with ease… After long time saw the shade of Sher in Shamsher…Well done !!!

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