Piya Rangrezz 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri slaps Tilakraj with her slipper and says she used to play thief-police game in her childhood, if he has to play now, he has to learn some real game. She leaves with Shamsher while Tilakraj looks holding his cheek.

Aradhya dries towel on wire after a bath. Munmun says it is time for her to go back to jail. Aradya continues her work. Munmun says her styles will not work here. Aradhya says her daring arrogant attitude will not work on her, so she should behave. Munmun says Bhavri trained her like this to frighten people and she is practicing since childhood. Aradhya laughs and says she is thinking wrong. Arjun comes and says Munmun that someone is not afraid of her. Munmun says everybody is afraid of her attitutude. Arjun says let us fight then. Munmun says she will fight with

woman and asks Aradhya to get back to her cell and leaves. Aradhya searches something. Arjun says it is upside. She asks how does he know what she is searching. He shows clip on her hair. She takes it and says she was searching this only. He leaves smiling.

Bhavri comes back with Shamsher laughing. Mama asks why did they leave him half way. Shamsher says he would have spoilt their game with his fear and tells a dialogue. Mama repeats and they both laugh. Bhavri says Tilakraj must be angry now and will try to harm her. She wants to transfer Aradhya to their farm house and wants Arjun to do it as he has entered her business just now. Shamsher says he may not. Bhavri says he will and asks to send him.

Arjun comes and asks Bhavri why did she call her. She says she is thinking of giving her responsibilty to both brother and dying peacefully. He asks not to tell like that. She smiles and says she prepared a sweater for him like she used to prepare for his father. He takes sweater and says it will fit him perfectly. She asks him to transfer Aradhya to farm house. He says she can tell someone else. She says he and Shamsher are her 2 hands, already Shamsher does a lot and it is his turn. He stands silently. She says his silence says he will do the job.

Arju waits in car. Munmun brings Aradhya tying her hands. Aradhya asks where is she taking her. Munmun shouts to walk silently. Aradhya sees Bhavri in balcony and says she is wasting her time as her dad will not return liquor contract and not even an empty bottle. Bhavri calls Arjun and says he has to transfer this girl to farm house and if he fails, she will think that she has only one son. Arjun says okay. Munmun says Arjun that he should not disappoint aji amma and tells Aradhya that Arjun will not disobey aji amma and asks if she understood. Aradhya says yes and gets into car.

Arjun drives car in jungle. Aradhya stops him and says she has to pee. He asks if she could not pee at home. She shows her tied hands. He frees her. She runs behind trees. He asks her to hurry up as animals must be wandering. She does not come after a long time. He calls her repeatedly and thinks if she escaped. He walks towards trees and does not find her. He goes back towards car nevously andthinks she fooled him and misused his trust. What will he say aji amma now. Aradhya peeps from behind tree and hides. He practices how to console Aji amma and gets angry on himself. He then practices on mobile and thinks he should be a man and tell truth. He does not find network on mobile and shouts first girl escaped and now network. He turns and sees Aradhya. Aradhya asks why is he shouting. He says what was she doing for such a long time, if she was trying to elope. She nervously says she was just clearing his debt of feeding her and says she heard his drama and does not want him to get humiliated by aji amma, she will not escape. He asks her to get into car.

Bhavri waits for Arjun’s call nervously. Mama says farmhouse’s route is via jungle and there won’t be any signal. He says she selected a wrong guy as Arjun has bad reputation. Bhavri says she trusts her both grandsons equally. She knows Arjun has different morales, but he will not dissappoint her. He asks if she understands, then why she is nervous. She says Tilakraj will try to do something.

Shamsher target practices on a woman’s photo. Mama gives him farm house’s address and says instead of venting his anger on photo, he should should show it on Aradhya. He says aji amma gave that work to Arjun and he does not want to interfere.

Precap: Arjun gets mesmerized with Aradhya’s beauty seeing her in a sari.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. oh dear its gonna be a love triangle now!!!Arjun aradhya and sher ………..nonsense

    1. Bt i read in some spoiler that munmun wl be paired for arjun.. bt in serial munmun calls arjun as arjun bhayyaji.. hw cum dis be possibl??

      1. me 2….dnt know wt r they doing

  2. Arjun n munmun!poor sher n samsher…sher got 2 n samsher nobody…. loolll

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