Piya Rangrezz 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri asks Chanda if she wil shoot someone if she orders. Chanda says she will always obey her. Bhavri says she works well, obeys her and even takes care of Sher and asks if she will back off from her promise. Chanda says never. Bhavri says she will make her bahu and was searching everywhere unnecessarily.

Sher reminisces Shraddha telling their relationship is over now and he should stop following her. Bhavri enters with Chanda. He asks why is he here at midnight. She says he was worried that his would be partner would accept him and his world, now she has found one in chanda and he can question her. She is sure Chanda will give him satisfactory reply. He asks if she will live with him in his shattered life and walk with him. Bhavri asks him why is he not asking questions he

asked other girls. Chanda says in life one gets many cyclones and storms and she is ready to walk with him on those storms. Shraddha hears their conversation peeping via window. Bhavri says Chanda gave 1 right answer for his 100 questions and says he cannot back off now. Chanda will cook, work and take care of him without uttering anything. Sher says he is ready to marry Chanda. Shraddha is shocked to hear that.

Shraddha walks back into store room and closes door while guard is still asleep. She reminisces Chanda and Sher’s words and even Bhavri’s warnings and cries looking at sky. She further reminisces Sher expressing his love for her repeatedly. She apologizes him.

In the morning, mama comes to Bhavri’s room and asks why did she call him in the early morning. She says she did not sleep at all. He asks when bhanjaji has agreed to marry, then why is she worried. She says Shraddha is well educated and knows only signatures won’t do, divorce has to be registered in court and she changes her mind every day and what if her loves for Sher wakes up again. Mama says they will frighten her. Bhavri says in this country, an woman can even kill anyone and freely walk out. She asks him to call their lawyer and fix appointment with judge.

Bhavri hears something fall and runs out to see what is happening. She sees Sher walking towards store room with a bag and marriage photo. Mama asks her to stop him, else he will see Shraddha inside. Bhavri stops him and asks what is he doing here. He says he is going to throw his past memories into store room and walks in. Bhavri and mama get tensed. Sher keeps bag and photo and walks out. Mama then rushes into store room and searches Shraddha. Bhavri comes and asks where is Shraddha. He says he does not know. Bhavri shouts. Shraddha gets up from behind table. Bhavri tells her that she is going to legalize her divorce and asks servant to guard Shraddha and does not let her escape.

Sumer tells Gajra that he does not know what is happening, bhaiyaji and bhabhiji’s relationship is spoiling day by day and now bhaiyaji wants to marry Chanda. Gajra says even she is confused, how can thakur saheb accept Chanda and why did not chand oppose. Chanda enters and asks what is she preparing for breakfast. Gajra rudely says poori and sabji. Chanda asks what happened and says she will knead dough. Gajra says she does not need her help. Chanda asks if she made any mistake. Sumer says they don’t need her help. Chanda says she is kept to work here, especially to take care of Sher. Sumer says he is seeing how much she is serving Sher, she even wants to marry Sumer. Chanda asks what is he saying. Sumer says it is waste talking to her. Sher enters and scolds Sumer that he is taking his frustration out on Chanda. Chanda says Sumer did not say anything and even if he said, it is a family issue. Sher praises Chanda and says she did not snatch Shraddha’s place, he himself gave it to her. He says Gajra and Sumer should give same respect which they used to give it to Shraddha. Bhavri enters and says he is telling right, these 2 are traitors and can get out if they want. She says him that she is going to court for some work and leaves.

Bhavri enters store room and tells Shraddha that gun has so much power that it can make anyone do wrong work. Shraddha says it is fear and not love. Bhavri asks her to come to court and legalize divorce then. she will meet Sher in court and if she tries her tricks, she will be killed.

Precap: Bhavri requests judge to sign divorce papers. Judge says before finalizing divorce, Sher and Shraddha should stay together for 6 months. Sher says cannot even stay with Shraddha for 2 min.

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