Piya Rangrezz 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Veer points gun on Aradhya’s head and shouts at Shamsher to leave is mom, else he will blow Aradhya’s head out. Bhavri brings Chanda’s doll out. Veer shouts to leave his mom, else hewill shoot Aradhya. Bhavri says he can and she will burn his mom. She pours alcohol and burns Chanda’s doll. Veera angrily tries to shoot her, but Aradhya pushes his hand and gun falls down. Shamer and Arjun start beating him ruthlessly.

Shamsher is about to shoot him when Bhavri stops him. She says she will not kill Chanda’s son easily, let him suffer seeing his mother burning. She asks Shamsher to throw him in store room with Chanda’s doll, she will torture him for all the pain she suffered. she asks Munna to send their men’s dead bodies to their home with

money. Shamsher drags Veer to store room. Munmun tells Munna mama that before Veer takes out their name in front of Bhavri and Shamsher, they have to send Veer from there.

Veer tries to bandage his hand wound himself. Aradhya enters. He asks her to tie bandage. She stands silently. He yells that he saved her from Veer who tried to kill Aji amma with her father. Aradhya says her father is not involved in this and Veer is the main culprit. He says trusted even her lover who ransacked her. She says she will prove that Veer is culprit and Veer himself will accept his mistake. He asks her not to go near Veer.

Munna mama opens Veer’s room, enters in, sprinkles water on him and says he came to free him with a condition that if he gets caught, he will not tell that he helped him break this family. Veer says when 100 criminals died, he must have born. Munna frees his hand. Aradhya enters and sees Munna with Veer. Veer looks at door. Munna gets alert and says he was questioning Veer and asks Aradhya to go from here. Aradhya says she wants to question him. Mama murmurs in Veer’s ears that he loosened his hands and leaves. Aradhya asks Veer if her dad was involved in Bhavri’s attack. He laughs and asks her to say sorry. She says sorry. He asks her to repeat. She says sorry again and requests to tell who is with him. He calls her near and strangulates her neck shouting he got caught because of her, she will die now. Shamsher kicks him. Veer says he will kidnap his wife and will kill him and aji amma. Veer pulls gun. Aradhya stops Shamsher and says only Veer can prove her dad is innocent. He says her dad was culprit. Munna thinks he will blurt out his name, so he stops Shamsher and says bhavri does not want to give him easy death. Shamsher leaves. Munna asks Aradhya to leave while he ties Veer and comes out. Veer laughs on Aradhya and says she will die on holi day. She says evil dies on holi day and even he will die. He laughs with his witty one liner chanda prasanda. She leaves. Mama keeps blade in Veer’s hand in lieu of tying him and leaves.

Precap: Servangt asks Shamsher to do holika dahan. Veer cuts rope with blade and frees himself.

Update Credit to: MA

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