Piya Rangrezz 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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PWD officer comes out to announce tender winner. Bhavri asks him to announce results and clear some people’s (Sher and Shraddha) misunderstanding. Office announces that tender goes to Bhavri and Aditya’s company as their quoted amount is 1 rs less than Sher’s company. Everyone clap for Bhavri and Aditya. Anticorruption bureau officer enters and says he saw on live CCTV footage how bhavri was bribing officer to win contract and announces Sher as contract winner. He says he will probe both officer and Bhavri. Bhavri gets irked and walks with her puppets Aditya and Vikas while Sher tries to feed them sweets.

Sher comes home with music band and dances with his partners in front of Bhavri for winning contract. He asks sumer to dance as he won contract loyally and even will

get 30% of corruption amount. Bhavri and her puppets fume in jealousy. Sher asks shradha to join and she also dances.

Sumer comes to Sher’s room and informs that he got contract agreement on mail and will get printout in the morning. Sher is in bathroom. Sumer leaves. Shraddha comes in and hears Sher singing beedi jalaile…song…in hoarse voice. He thinks Sumer has come and asks her to give towel, else he will come out nude. She gives towel and laughs. He asks when did she come and where is Sumer. She says he left after getting a call. He says he would have informed and gone. He then comes out wearing clothes and searching Shraddha. She is busy correcting clothes in cupboard and he falls on her. She gets shy and smiles. He says he likes her smile and says he promises that he will make sure smiles always. She smiles even more showing her teeth.

Bhavri gulps glasses of alcohol reminiscing her insult by Sher in front of everyone. Aditya enters. She says he must have come chatter his english. Sher knows only her love and not her revenge, she will show what she is. Aditya says he came to tell that he is enjoying this game and easily does not accept defeat. He says bhavri till now she fought alone with Sher and now he is with her. Bhavri says bridge will not be constructed only by contract, land pooja should also happens, she will know what to do next.

Sher performs bhoomi pooja on the site with his partners. Contractor’s man informs him something. Contractor takes sher to a side and says until they sacrifice a child, pooja cannot happen. Sher scolds him and asks to take bajranbali’s name and start work. Sumer tries to break coconut, but it does not break. Sher takes coconut and says it needs strength and breaks it in go. Everyone claps. Pandit asks him to plough land. He asks Shraddha to plough. She emotionally looks at her and they both hit land.

Sher and Shraddha hit land with weapon and see blood coming out. Shraddha gets afraid. Police comes, excavates place and finds rotten dead body in it. Sher asks inspector to let him start work now. Inspector says it is a muder issue and he cannot until investigation finishes. Sher is shocked to see PWD officer’s dead body. Aditya comes in his car with Bhavri there.

Precap: Sher tells Bhavri that she is doing wrong. She says everything is fair in love and war and warns that next chance will be hers.

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