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Aradhya drinks glasses of water. Her friend asks to stop as body has 70% of water and not 100%. Aradhya says arrogant Shamsher always comes to her cabin and misbehaves with her. Friend says one brother troubles her and other brother loves her. Aradhya says stop it as she is already confused and says she has to go and check her patient Shivlal Yadav.

Veer asks Bhavri with mama and Shamsher to go out as he needs to interrogate Shivlal. They all go out. Shivlal wides his eyes in fear seeing Veer. Veer says he must be very happy that he is safe. He is a gold medalist and shot him 2 inch away from heart as a warning to keep his mouth shut, if he utters anything to Bhavri, he will shoot him. Constable brings juice. Veer takes juice and says he will drink it. Bhavri enters with mama

and Shamsher. Veer says his work is done and he leaves. Bhavri orders Shivlal to speak, but he remembers Veer’s warning and asks who is she. Shamsher points gun and shouts to speak, but Shivlal does not.

Doc enters. Shamsher asks him to make him speak. Doc says he will check. Bhavri says Shivlal she will come back again and leaves.

Veer comes to Aradhya’s cabin and thanks her for saving Shivlal and says his team is like his extended family. She asks to find out who shot him. He says sure and asks how to return her favor. She says it is okay. He says he heard Bhavri and her grandsons trouble her. She says there is nothing like that and she will handle. He says police is there to protect her. She says she will when needed. He goes out and comes back and says her dad talked about her marriage proposal and he is sure she will select life partner carefully. She says well actually… He says see you and leaves.

Aradhya’s friend sees Veer going out, enters cabin and says she got a tsunami of good patients. Aradhya says there is nothing like that. Friend asks what did he ask. Aradhya says he came to talk about Shivlal Yadav and says forget all this, Arjun proposed her today. Friend asks what did she say. She says she does not know. Friend says Arjun is handsome and just proposed, she should get marry. Aradhya says dad also talked about marriage and first time she called her daughter and she felt she got back her dad. She cannot reject dad’s offer after this. Friend says SP Veer Singh is also handsome hunk. Aradhya asks to stop. Friend says he is well educated and is her dad’s friend, so she can marry him. Aradhya says she is confusing her more and thinks she has to think on her own.

Tilakraj enters and asks if he is disturbing her. She is surprised to see him and asks to come in. He looks at her cabin carefully. She asks him to sit. He says she was playing with todays some years ago and now with responsibility taking care of patients. She says he is unlucky not to play with her daughter during her childhood. She asks to forget the past and asks how come he is here. He says he came to take her out for lunch. She says she has meeting in 1 hour. He says he will order lunch here.

Inspector tells Veer that Shivlal will be discharged from hospital tomorrow. Veer asks him to send Shivlal to his hometown on 1 month leave.

Tilakraj while having lunch asks what did she think. She says she wants to become MD first. He says she should not delay marriage. He says she is not prepared mentally yet. She asks when then. She says she just started practice and is not yet ready for marriage. He says he knows he did not take care of her in her childhood and took care of her brother Jairaj more, so she must be angry. He is her sinner and she should forgive him. He asks not to say this, else she will cry. He asks who will fulfill his responisbility if he dies. She says she is a doc and will take care of him. He says he wants her to marry before he dies and asks if she will agree or not. She hesistantly says yes, but she needs some time. He asks to reply by tomorrow. She says yes. He grins.

Three men enter in peon’s dress and after making constable unconscious kidnap Shivlal.

Veer tells his mom that his plan is successful. She asks what. He says Tilakraj spoke about marriage proposal and he told his mom will decide. She asks to marry Tilakraj’s daughter. He says until he gets her Bhavri’s haveli’s owner and people chant her jai jai, he will not marry. She says she knew he would say same. He asks if she had medicine. She says no. He gets her medicine. Inspector calls him and informs that someone kidnapped Shivlal. He asks where is constable. Inspector says even he is unconscious in ICU.

Precap: Veer goes to meet Bhavri and once her attention diverts mixes tablets in her tea.

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