Piya Rangrezz 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shamesher does workout reminiscing Aradhya’s words. Mama feeds him water and says with workout muscles get strong and with wrong moves, bone will shatter. He then asks what he thought about that girl. Shamsher angrily drops dumbells and asks to forget it. Mama says whom he will tell then. Shamsher says that girl’s words are torturing him. Bhavri comes and takes Shamsher to do his hair massage.

Mama then takes alcohol bottles to his grandson Manohar’s room and asks him to drink these and become tiger like Shamsher. Manohar flexes his muscles and says he can smash 4 people at once. Mama suggests to get energy with alcohol. Manohar says he does not like its taste. Mama forefully gives bottles and asks him to finish by evening. He then gets someone’s call.


oil massages Shamsher’s head. Shamsher asks if she is tensed because of Tilakraj. Bhavri says Tilakraj called and was pleading to forgive him, but he snatched her liquor tender and insulted her. Shamsher says he will kill Tilakraj. Bhavri says she knows he can die and kill for her, but she wants Tilakraj to die each day and his daughter will punish him.

Mama gives phone to Bhavri and says inspector has called. Inspector suggests her to leave city soon as Tilakraj is busy getting her arrest warrant. Bhavri asks what rubbish he is talking. He says Tilakraj recorded her confession on mobile and made DIG hear it. Bhavri reminisces what she told to Tilakraj. Mama says she has to do something. Bhavri says she will think something. Shamsher says she should shut DIG’s mouth with money. Bhavri says she does not know DIG well. Arjun enters and says he knew Tilakraj would do this, so he already asked lawyer to get her antricipatory bail and hands over bail to her. Bhavri says she is proud of him. Shamsher says he removed his loyalty mask at last. Arjun says he does not wear mask and can do anything for his aji amma. Bhavri says let us celebrate with Tilakraj. Shamsher asks servants to get weapons. Bhavri says no need and leaves with mama and him. Arjun asks servants follow them with weapons as anything can happen.

Shamsher drives car. Bhavri says now Tilakraj will repent. Mama comments that they are going without weapons and should be careful. Bhavri drops him out and asks Shamsher to drive. Mama runs behind car.

Munmun asks Aradhya to take bathe under hand pump if she wants. Aradhya how can she in open. Munmun says it is her wish and leaves. Aradhya washes her face. Arjun peeps from balcony and throws alcohol down. She asks what is he doing. He says he is throwing alchol and continues giving weird explanation, then goes behind pillar and laughs. She also starts laughing. Munmun comes back and asks why is she showing her teeth, sees alchol and asks who dropped it. Aradhya silently leaves.

Tilakraj in his office laughs looking at money and thinking first man drinks alcohol, then alcohol drinsk man. Bhavri enters with Shamsher and guards. Tilakraj shouts what is she doing in his office, who allowed her in. Shamsher sends all his servants out. Tilakraj shouts they are his servants and will listen to him. Shamsher says no him. Bhavri goes and sits on Tilakraj’s chair. Servants silently walk out. Shamsher forces Tilakraj to sit in front of Bhavri’s feet. Bhavri looks at his face carefully. He asks what is she doing. She says she is looking if he shaved for party or not. She removes her shoes and says she bought it from Ujjain and still like new one, Shamsher and Arjun asked her repeatedly to change it, but she did not. Every shoe has its place and he shoes place is on his cheek and slaps him with shoes. He falls down. She says she used to play police-thief drama in childhood.

Precap: Bhavri asks Arjun to transfer Aradhya to their farmhouse. Arjun takes Aradhya in car. She says she needs to pee and escapes.

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