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Shraddha tells Gajra that Sher still loves her. Gajra says yes, he played a drama and sent all girls from there without selecting one for marriage. She asks her to stop crying. Shraddha says she wants Sher to move ahead in life. Chanda enters and asks why is she crying. Gajra says she was cutting onion. Chanda says there is no onion here. Gajra says onion was rotten, so she threw it. She asks if she needs anything. Chanda says she needs to prepare food for thakur saheb. Shraddha says she will prepare food as she wants to work here. Chanda gives her vegetables and leaves.

Mama tells Bhavri that bhanjaji ruined their plan of marriage and looks like he will not accept even an angel. Bhavri says she knew Sher would do same, but he is bound with his words and will have to remarry. Chanda

enters and says food is ready. Bhavri asks her to stop buttering and get out. Chanda says she gave her job, so she wants to serve her. Bhavri asks her to go now and serve food when she orders.

Chanda goes to kitchen and asks Shraddha what did she prepare as it is smelling very pleasantly. Shraddha says she prepared bitter gourd sabji for thakur saheb. Chanda asks how does she know thakur saheb likes bitter gourd. Shraddha gets tensed. Gajra says Thakurayan used to prepare bitter gourd sabji, so she asked new servant to prepared that. Mama enters and asks when will she serve food. Chanda says she will serve right now. Shraddha says she will prepare even sweets. Chanda says okay. Shraddha opens fridge and her pallu gets stuck in door. Chanda identifies her. Shraddha pleads her not to inform anyone that she is Shraddha. Chanda says she will not and apologizes if she spoke to her loudly. Shraddha thanks her for saving Sher. Chanda says it was her duty. Shraddha says she wants to be around Sher. Chanda says when she loves thakur saheb so much, then why did she leave him, he is in deep pain, why she does not want to live with him. Shraddha says even she is trying to find out if she made a mistake by leaving or returning back. She gives her food and asks her to keep it in front of Sher, he will eat seeing his favorite sabji. Chanda agrees.

Sher comes back to his room and sees bitter gourd sabji. He bites it with roti and reminiscing Shraddha preparing same taste sabji and serving him and smiles.

Bhavri loudly calls Gajra. Shraddha says Gajra has gone out with Sumer to bring groceries. Bhavri asks who is she. Mama says since this is a marriage house, he kept her as servant. Bhavri asks her to bring her paan spitter and she runs into hall and picks spitter. Chanda says she does not have to do that. Bhavri hears Chanda calling her thakurayan and asks Chanda what did she call her. Shraddha gets tensed. Bhavri removes Shraddha’s veil and is shocked to see her. Mama is also shocked to see her. She shouts at mama why did he keep her for work. He says he did not know she is Shraddha. Bhavri says she is trying hard to kick her out of Sher’s life, but she always comes back. Shraddha says she cannot live without Sher. Bhavri says Sher is at home and if he sees Shraddha, she will shoot Sher. Sher comes calling Gajra. Bhavri drags Shraddha to a corner. Sher asks who prepared bitter gourd sabji. Bhavri comes back and says Chanda prepared it, if he liked it. He says yes and goes back to his room. Bhavri then drags Shraddha to her room and scolds mama that he is a waste body, if Sher would have seen Shraddha, he would have realized that she forced Shraddha to leave. She asks Shraddha if she thinks she cannot kill her, she is wrong. Shraddha says she is just worried about her and Sher’s relationship. Bhavri says relationship is finished after she signed divorce papers and even sher signed papers and shows Sher’s signature on divorce papers. Sher has even broken his room things, if she does not believe, she can ask Gajra. Mama backs her. Bhavri shouts this relationship is over now and even if she tries hard, she will not let them unite. Her business is her life and she cannot let Sher get out of it. She wants her drama to end now. She should leave via tomorrow morning train and till then, she will be under her observation. She orders servant to take her to store room and guard her.

At night, Inebriated Bhavri holding alcohol glass comes to pick water from fridge and does not find it. She calls Gajra and enters servant’s quarter and kicks Chanda. Chanda wakes up and asks why is she here. She says it is her house and she can go everywhere. She orders her to bring food to her room. Chanda serves her food. Bhavri asks her to fill her glass and Chanda does. Bhavri yells why did she add water in it and asks to prepare another glass. Chanda tries to throw it. Bhavri says just like one gets sin if food is thrown, in this house throwing alcohol is sin and orders her to drink it. Chanda drinks it in 1 gulp. Bhavri asks if she obeys her so much, then she should even shoot bullet on her order.

Precap: Bhavri sees Sher holding a bag outside store room and asks why is he here. He says he wants to get rid of his past, so he is throwing things in store room. He enters store room and mama asks Bhavri to stop him from seeing Shraddha.

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