Piya Rangrezz 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri shouts at Aditya to shoot her soon if he can. Mama comes with men and shoots Aditya’s hand. Aditya falls down. Bhavri picks gun and shouts his drama is finished, if he was a man, he would not have sent child and instead shot her long ago. She shoots his knees. He says she should not make a mistake of sparing him again, soon his brother’s blood will show its color in Sher’s body and he will know her truth, then his brother’s soul will rest in peace. She shoots his chest and asks mama to bury his body in jungle.

Bhavri reaches home with mama and sees Shraddha’s mother and Pankaj and asks how dare they are to come here. Mom says shraddha called her and asked to come and speak truth. Bhavri shouts what truth if they don’t know today is her lalla’s

marriage. Mom says dad has gone up to meet Shraddha. Bhavri runs in and sees dad going towards Shraddha’s room. She sees also Sher entering room to pick marriage sword and stop him right away. A bit drama happens and she asks Sher to go down while she brings his sword. Sher agrees. Sumer informs Sher that his friends have come. Sher asks him to take them to godown, he will come and meet them there. Bhavri thinks mama has kept Shraddha’a mom and Pankaj in godown, so she should not let Sher go there. She asks Sher to go and sit in his AC room instead of hot godown while she sends his friends there. Sher agrees.

Bhavri then catches Shraddha’s dad and throws him in godown with mom and Pankaj and asks munna mama to guard them. She then goes to Shraddha’s room and strangulates her neck shouting how dare she is to call her parents and Panjak to tell truth. Shraddha says she did not call anyone. Bhavri asks then to give her phone. Shraddha searches phone. Sher enters and says phone is with him.

Sher says he just tried a trick and it worked. He did not know Shraddha loves her so much that she kept even their tea cup, tissue papers,etc..She even got ready to leave him for his life. His amma thinks everyone’s lives are her property and wants to rule over everyone. She is so ruthless that she did not think of his son’s life and threathened Shraddha to leave him. She did not even do anything legal in life, how will she understand all this. Bhavri starts her emotional drama that she kept him in her womb for 9 months and brought him up single handedly with great difficulty, but he will not understand that. she even got him married to Shraddha against her wish. Sher says she did due to her ego as Shraddha refused to marry him first. She just knows to satisfy her ego. Now, he will not stay here and will leave with Shraddha forever. Bhavri is shocked.

Shraddha stops him and says she is dying each day since she shot him. She loves him a lot and even he loves him a lot. She knows he tried to change himself many times on her insistence, but she forgot that already moulded pot cannot be remoulded, their worlds are different and they cannot reunite again.

Precap: Sher says Shraddha that he does not believe her now, so he wants her to watch his marriage. He drags her and makes her sit on chair in front of mantap.

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  1. What the he’ll is wrong with sharada, what kind of love is she talking when she can’t fight for love. Sher move on, is her lost. Such an idiot women.

  2. Oh my god best epi since it came on. If you watched the epi the background music was soooo good and emotional and epic. You have to watch the 2 nd part to today’s episode

  3. Plzz sherdha stop this drama and stop sher to do this marriage.
    Wo tumhare kehne per shadi nai kere ga…!

  4. Why Shraddha’s character in this serial is shown soo very humble and nice…it’s really tooo much…in today’s world, in real, no one is like this….does she really love sher??if she does, can’t she fight for her love..

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