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Sher hands over 1000 rs to Bhavri as monthly maintenance charges and says he has found partners for his company and introduces Sumer and Sunehri. Sunehri says she had earned 10 lakhs dancing and since she has left that job, she thought of helping thakur saheb. Sher then holds Shraddha and tells his company name is Shraddha constructions. His partners clap. He says he is not alone this time and will definitely.

Shraddha brings water for Sher and they both clash, dropping water glass. They both get nervous. Sher asks what is she thinking. She says she heard if they strike their heads unknowingly, they should again knowingly. He jokes and then forwards his head and she strikes. She asks why is he tensed. He says company is in her name, so he can discuss his problem with her. He says

he does not think Bhavri will let him win a contract. She says there must be some way to win it loyally. He says surrounding 40 villages are afraid of amma and he is not old sher who used to hold gun and get his work done. He says he is going on a walk. She says even she will as she is his partner now. He agrees.

Vikas takes Sunehri out of room and says she did wrong by helping Sher and giving him their money and asks if she wants to anull their marriage. She says it was her hard earned money and she will walk on only truth. He warns her to take back her partnership and help Bhavri instead. She says she will not. He tries to slap her, but Sher holds his hand and says he has stopped roaring, that does not mean a dog like him will bark. He will not let him hit any girl and asks him to mend his ways. Vikas angrily leaves. Sher then asks Shraddha to console Sunehri. She consoles weeping sunehri.

Bhavri scolds Vikas for confronting Sunehri and asks if he thinks if his bua/aunt is so weak. Aditya comes and asks what is happening. She says she is discussing about Sher, he will not keep quiet so easily. Vikas leaves and Bhavri also tries to leave. Aditya calls her BD. She asks him to call him properly. He asks if she does not feel like having a partner. She asks him to mind his business and says she will send him alcohol bottle. He says it is good if she accompanies him.

Sher with his partners and Aditya with Vikas reach tender announcement venue. Aditya asks Vikas where is BD. Vikas jokes if he needs BD/beedi, he cannot have it wearing suit here. Aditya says he is talking about Bhavri Devi. Vikas says he knows and says he made Bhavri Devi BD aso easily. Sher taunts Aditya that his partner did not yet due to fear of losing. Bhavri comes just then and everyone get alert seeing her.

Bhavri goes to meet officer and asks howmuch he needs to pass contract in her name. He says with which he can run his family. Bhavri asks to give him Sher’s tender papers. He gives tender papers. Bhavri asks how much he needs. He says others give 15-18 percent, she can give 10%. She agrees and asks him to collect money after sunset. Aditya asks with what margin they should defeat Sher. She says 1 rs.

Precap: Officer announces tender in Aditya and Bhavri’s name. Sher and Shraddha are shocked to hear that.

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