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Arjun after proposing Aradhya reaches back home and praises himself. Shamsher enters and addresses him as womanizer, how is her woman, she was wearing blue dress and even he is wearing blue jacket. Arjun says he will not change. Shamshe says it is his and aji amma’s wish that he should stay away from Aradhya. Most of the time girl’s father is hitler and if hitler Tilakraj harms him, it is insult for him and aaji amma. Arjun jokes that he will inform where he will meet with Aradhya and what he will eat, he does not have to waste his energy. Shamsher always if a man bends in front of woman, she always prefers same and he does not want his brother bent in front of anyone.

Veer enjoys alcohol with Tilakraj and says he is always ready to enjoy drink with hm. Tilakraj thanks

him forhelping him and says he has DIG and many friends who did not help him at all. Veer says he is always ready to help him. Tilakraj says he is like him and wants pure friendship. He thinks he should speak him mind today and tells him that he is worried about his daughter Aradhya, she is very well educated and in their community, they don’t like educated girls. Veer says Aradhya is very intelligent and beautiful and any boy would die to marry her. Tilakraj asks what is his opinion about marriage. Veer says only his mom will decide about it. He then leaves in his jeep.

Inspector Shivlal calls Bhavri and tells Tilkraj is planning counterattack on her and a big officer is involved, he will come home and tell. Mama tells Bhavri that Tilakraj does not know at all that Shivlal is her informer. Bhavri says she has to know enemy’s moves and asks Shamsher to get money ready for Shivlal. Veer shoots Shivlal and thinnks he does police duty and works for Bhavri, god should not give his soul peace of mind.

Tilakraj enters Aradhya’s room with guards and orders guards to protect his daughter 24 x 7. Aradhya sees injury on his forehead and asks what happened. She says yesterday night Bhavri’s men attacked her and he escaped somehow. He knows she likes Arjun, but Bhavri is using him against her. She says he is thinking wrong. She says it is her personal issue and grown up, so he will not interfere. She knows Bhavri’s family and continues brainwashing her against Bhavri and Arjun. He says it is her life and should decide herself now. Aradhya starts thinking.

In the morning, Bhavri watches Arjun exercising. Munna brings breakfast for her. She asks Arjun to come and have it. He says he will exercise. She tells Munna Shivlal did not come yet. Shamsher comes and says someone shot Shivlal and he is taken to hospital.

Veer eats breakfast and asks mom why did she prepare bland food. She says it is his punishment for shooting inspector. He shouts not to interfere in his personal issues. He says as soon as he came here, he started again. He gets a call that Shivlal is in hospital. Mom says she can sense trouble from kilometers away. He loads gun and leaves.

Bhavri travels towards hospital with Shamsher and mama. At hospital, Aradhya checks Shivlal and says he is very lucky that bullet just touched and escaped, he should not stress himself. Shamsher enters with Bhavri and Mama and throws flying kiss on her. She says this is ICU and he cannot come in. He flirts with her and she leaves. Bhavri smirks. Shamsher says until he is in hospital, they will take care of his family. Shivlal thanks her. Bhavri asks to tell now. Shivlal points at constable and Bhavri constable to get some juice. Bhavri asks who is it. He tries to speak and stops in a shock seeing `Veer.

Precap: Veer warns Shivlal not to utter anything, else he will kill his family. Bhavri comes back and asks him to speak.

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  1. Today episode was nice ????
    I like the argument between two brothers

  2. Veer singh and tilak raj are very irritating
    I hope there roll gonna finish quickly. ????

  3. The sweet sweet sweetest person in piya rangrezz is Gurave s bajaj ?????
    I like to watch this serial just for gurave s bajaj
    My dream boy gurave s bajaj ???

  4. I love aradhya and shamshers confrontations! ?

  5. Stoped watching this scrap serial, after the death of Sraddha. The serial just wanted to avoid sraddha, And Sher is returned as shamsher. scrap now.

  6. Hello pinky.Totally agree with u.PR2 is an unlogical show.unbearable…

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