Piya Rangrezz 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aradhya says Shamsher and Arjun that when she does not like to take her father’s help, why will she take their help to escape. She shouts to get lost. Shamsher gets angry and says she is in his house and asking him to get lost. Arjun controls him. Shamsher says she will die soon and walks out. Arjun says her that his brother never spoke like this to anyone except Aji amma and now her. He smiles at her and leaves. Aradhya starts crying.

Arjun standing at reminisces Shamsher’s words that his brother can do anything for Aji amma and cannot go against her and wears goodness mask, etc… Shamsher comes and reminisces Arjun fighting with him. He pushes Arjun and holds his hand and says he should not have boasted of himself in front of that girl. Arjun says how can

he push him and reminds him of their brotherly love and childhood incidents. Shamsher calls servants. Servants bring net. Arjun asks to bring bed and they bring bed and spread on floor. Shamsher drops him and says their blood relationship is finished now. Servants asks Arjun not to challenge Shamsher. Arjun says it is brother’s fight and nobody can interfere.

Bhavri speaks over phone telling how she will punish Tilakraj. Munmun massages her leg. Arjun comes and says she should let girl go. She throws beetlenut cutter on him angrily. He returns cutter and says he does not understand why should child be punished for father’s mistake. Bhavri says this is society rule and Aradhya is at mistake as she has Tilakraj’s blood in her. He says just like this family’s blood runs in his body and even he is responsbile for dacoity and murders. Bhavri shouts to be in limit.

In the morning, Tilakraj’s sister scolds him for not finding Aradhya yet. He says he is 100% sure that she is in Bhavri’s home. She scolds that he left their daughter between 2 young boys and asks why is he not pressurizing them. He shows money and says he is quiet because of this. She gets happy seeing money bag. He says this is liquor quota’s 1 day money and is golden hen for them.

Manchala gives herbal tea to Arjun and says it will heal his wounds. Arjun says he has minor wound and does not need it. Manchala says he will inform aji amma. Arjun takes it and asks to bring one more cup.

Tilakraj says he will build a palace for her with this money and says if he returns liquor quota to Bhavri, she will not see these money bundles. Sister asks what about Aradhya. He says let her be there. They both continue laughing. Tilak raj says nothing will happen to Aradhya there and he will use his money power.

Arjun gives herbal tea to Aradhya. She makes weird faces. He taunts her and leaves keeping tea on table. She drinks it hurriedly.

Munmun hurriedly brings phone and tells Bhavri Tilakraj has called. Bhavri asks her to repeat. Munmun loudly scolds Tilakraj and says he has called. Bhavri says that is like her girl and takes phone. She asks Tilak what is his problem now. Tilak acts as apologizing her, curses himself, and pleads to free his daughter and says once his daughter returns, he will return her liquor contract. She says once she gets back contract, his daughter will be in his house and disconnects.

Tilakraj laughs. Sister says he should take part in drama and praises his acting skills. Tilakraj says it is his born talent and laughs looking at money bundle and says Bhavri will be in trouble now. She thinks he will take back Aradhya, but she is wrong.

Aradhya wishes happy birthday to herself and reminisces her childhood birthday party when she cuts cake with her brother Jairaj. Brother throws cake and leaves to his room. Tilakraj goes behind him and asks what happened. Jairaj says why should he cut cake with Aradhya and why Aradhya is getting all gifts. Aunt says because they share same birth date. Jairaj says he wants to celebrate birthday separately. Tilakraj says from today they will celebrate only his birthday. Jairaj thanks and hugs him. Aradhya feels shattered seeing this and cries looking at her mother’s pic and asks mama why did she leave her alone. She comes out of flashback and cries reminiscing her mother.

Precap: Inspector informs Bhavri that Tilakraj is trying hard to get her arrested. Bhavri says he did not find girl in her house. Inspector says he has recorded all conversations.

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  1. I think ‘jairaj – munmun’, ‘ Aradhya – Arjun’, ‘shamsher – sraddha’
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  2. I think ‘jairaj – munmun’, ‘ Aradhya – Arjun’, ‘shamsher – sraddha’
    🙂 😉 right ……

  3. whoz this jairaj??

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