Piya Rangrezz 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shraddha tells Sher that Sunehri is an illiterate and was learning to write her name from her. Sher asks what is she telling. Shraddha says she is telling truth. Bhavri says that means someone else stole money and must have harmed Sunehri. Aditya starts acting and says he will die without Sunehri. Sher says Amma is telling right and even Shraddha is telling right, it means Sunehri is in danger and they should take police help. Shraddha says she does not feel they should involve police yet and first try to search Sunehri themselves. If they fail, they can inform police. Bhavri asks if someone will drop her friend Sunehri in golden palanquin. Shraddha says Bhavri has many goons who can find Sunehri easily. She has one more way to find out who wrote this letter. Mama asks what does she mean.

She says any one of us must have tried to steal and since sunehri saw him, he harmed sunehri and wrote letter in her name. She asks what does she mean. Shraddha asks her to give him some time to find out the culprit and takes letter from him.

Sunehri tries to enter bhavri’s haveli. Guards sense movement and start searching. Sunehri silently escapes from there.

Shraddha in her room reminisces Sunehri telling she wants to invest her hard earned 10 lakhs rs into Sher’s business. Gajra enters and says Sunehri knows to read and write, then why did she tell lie. Shraddha says she had to lie to save innocent Sunehri and find out whose facial expressions change, she feels sunehri’s life is in danger and someone is trapping her. Sunehri respects relationships and why will she steal. Sher hears everything standing near door, enters and asks why did she do such a big drama and if she is doubting amma. Shraddha asks why is he misunderstanding her. He says he knows she is making drama of joining him to prove his amma wrong. She says again he is misunderstanding her. He says he is not and his amma does things openly and does not conspire against him. She should understand that she cannot provoke him against amma and leaves from room. Shraddha starts crying.

Sunehri enters haveli at night silently. In Bhavri’s room, mama sees Aditya sweating and asks reason. Bhavri says he wrote letter from his hand. He says they cannot keep silent like this. She says they don’t have to do anything as Shraddha wants them to do mistake. Guard comes and informs that someone entered haveli. Bhavri asks him to search haveli soon. Guard comes back and says he did not find anyone.

Sher comes and asks what are they all searching. Bhavri says a scorpion entered her room, so they are searching it. Maama says he will kill it today at any cost. Sher asks Gajra to serve him food and asks Bhavri to join. Shraddha comes and serves him food. Sunehri silently enters hiding behind pillar wearing shawl. Bhavri sees her.

Precap: Bhavri catches Sunehri, shuts her mouth and drags her to her room before Sher or Shradda could see Sunehri.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhavri devi how can you do this….

  2. Sher are you fool,that you are again suspecting Shraddha.Riya….You are in all the show,lovely!!

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