Piya Rangrezz 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shamsher tells Naani that Arjun was inebriated. Naani says Arjun was drunk, but he was sober, why did not he see Aradhya’s sacrifice, she is following her patni dharm, but he is so rude and inhuman. He says he did not ask her to do anything and walks from there.
He passes by Aradhya’s room and hears her writhing in pain. He silently opens room and sees her holding her injured leg and crying. He closes door and walks towards Anjali’s room, sees her sleeping and drops vase to wake he rup. Anjali wakes up and asks if he needs anything. He says water. She walks and hears Aradhya crying, runs and asks what happened to her. Aradhya says her leg is paining severely and asks her to get pain killer. Anjali gets pain killer and gives it to her. She feels sorry and apologizes

that because of her, she had to walk on broken glass. Aradhya says it is not her mistake and asks her to go before Bhavri wakes up. Anjali says Bahvri may slap her least. Aradhya hugs her and says she will be fine. Anjali goes out and scolds him if he could not hear Aradhya’s cry. He says no. She says he is so ruthless and if she is tying rakhi to a stone. He walks out. Aradhya comes out. Anjali says she will bandage her leg. Aradhya says pain killer is working and she will be fine.

In the morning, Munmun brings tea and medicine for Aradya and asks if it is right. Aradhya says she asked servant to bring medicine. Munmun says so what if she brought and thinks if she creates rift between Shamsher and Bhavri, she and mama will feel good. She starts that Aji amma should not have punished her and Shamsher should have spoken at least. Aradhya says it is okay. Munmun says only she can change Shamsher. Aradhya says she will at any cost. Munmun after a bit of fake drama leaves without taking her tea. Aradhya takes tea for her and sees Anjali on terrace and asks how did she wake up yesterday night when everyone are asleep. Anjali say she was sleeping when Shamsher broke vase by mistake. Aradhya realzies Shamsher sent her.

Aradhya goes to Shamsher’s room and sees him sleeping with shoes on. He wakes up and shouts why did she come in to his room. She thanks him for sending Anjali. He shouts more. She says he is a good man and should behave like one. Shamsher shouts more. She thinks why is he hiding his goodness.

Aradhya joins for breakfast with Anjali and Munmun. Munmun says aji amma and daddu have gone to party office and Naani to temple, so only 3 of them have left for breakfast. Aradhya says she will bring Shamsher. Shamsher comes and breaks plate, yells at her and leaves. Munmun smirks. Arjun comes and Aradhya leaves. Munmun taunts him why he comes when Shamsher is not around.

Precap: Shamsher forcefully picks Aradhya. Aradhya calls Shamsher.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. tku sO much fr update

  2. Actually Arjun forcefully picks aaradya and she calls shamher.
    Awesome episode after a long time they play the title song of the show really really happy. đŸ™‚

  3. Sheeba khalil

    That song only suit kirtida and gurav please sreejita remove serial bring back kirtida as arradhya

    1. Mehreen Islam

      Hey abt wot song r u talking abt????

      1. Piya o piya
        Piya rangrezz title song which was played on the serial

  4. Yup… That song is only for sherdha…
    This aradhya is getting on my nerves why can’t she just go back to arjun… Why is she forcing herself on shamsher ????
    Plz bring kirtida back…

  5. Masooma Mirza

    What the Hell is this !!! What happen to the director of PR Hamesha hamare serial ko he kyu qurbani deni padti hai ?? Hamesha dusre serial ke maha episodes aate hai aur hamara serial miss hojata hai !! Ab wait karna hoga MONDAY tak

  6. What the hell is this bcz of other serials maha episodes y we can’t watch our serial.
    If its bahu hammari rajni khan maha episode then they should not telecast kalash ek vishvas not piya rangrezz and the point is this y they r telecasting kalash ek vishvas on piya rangrezz timing.

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