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Sher tells Bhavri that he will win tender which she is offering to her partner Aditya. Aditya says in English that he should be a civil engineer to file a tender. Sher replies in Enlgish first and then says his amma loves him a lot, so all her businesses are in his name and he can easily hire engineer and get that contract, but what about him without a company. Aditya gets tensed. Sher leaves saying he has important work.

Sher falls asleep on his bed. In the morning, Shraddha comes and bends to pick pillow next to him and her hair fall on his face. He wakes up and asks what is she doing here. She point her bindi on his face. He removes it and asks how did it come. She says it was stuck to her pillow and he held it in his sleep. He asks what is time now. She says 9 a.m. He says he

is already lake to file tender along with Sumer. Sumer enters but gets shy seeing them together. Sher asks him to knock door and then tell why did he come. He says he got an engineer. Sher says it is a good news and asks him to get the jeep while he comes down. Sumer asks him to take bath first and then get ready. Sher runs to bathroom.

Sher comes down getting ready. Sumer shows him tender file and asks him to check it once. Sher checks. Shraddha performs his aarti as he is going to start a new job. Bhavri sneezes purposefully. Maama taunts that bhajaji’s work will not happen now if she does not sneezes again. She says she cannot and taunts Sher that his work will nto happen. Sher laughs and walks out. He clashes with Aditya and taunts that he clashed with a cat and should wait for sometime. Aditya taunts that he is flying high on his amma’s business. He says she is his amma, but he is a stranger and is hoping high on his amma. He leaves with Sumer, leaving partner burning in jealousy.

Aditya enters home and asks Maama where is Bhavri as Sher has already gone to file tender application and they have not planned anything. Maama says jiji has already done her homework and work usually comes to her. He asks him to call her Bhavri devi with respect. Aditya says he respects people by their stature and not name. He enters bhavri’s room and sees her getting ready. Bhavri gets irked seeing him and asks why did not he knock door. He says door was open. He calls her BD and asks about tender. She holds his collar and asks him to call her bhavri devi. Vikas interferes and says he is making her name short in English as BD and if he will call her BBD (bua bhavri devi). Bhavri calms down and tells Aditya that their tender rate will be very low, so not to worry. While walking out, he praises that she is example of woman empowerment, etc.

Sher reaches contractor’s office who asks why did he come there instead of calling him to his house. Sher says he needs contractor, so he came here. Contractor says his mom is expert in getting contractors and says making bridge needs 25% money and rest 75% will go in bribing. Sher says he wants contract loyally. Contractor says it is difficult and laughs. Sumer says bhaiyaji is telling truth. Contractor gets tensed.

Sher reaches home and asks Shraddha to serve food. Bhavri comes and taunts that he wants to be loyal, then why is he eating her earned food. She asks maama to note down his expenses. Sher says she asked 5000 rs, but he will get her 10000 rs with his loyal earning. He tells Shraddha that he will eat only with his hard earned money and says he has made partners and is the boss now.

Precap: Sher introduces Sunehri and Sumer as his partners and his company name as Shraddha constructions to Bhavri and she fumes hearing it.

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