Piya Rangrezz 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri thinks deeply sitting on her rocking chair. Shamsher passes by and asks why is she looking tensed. She says she is fine and he should go and rest as he is inebriated after party. Shamsher says seeing her tensed, how can he sleep and asks what is bothering her. She says Tilakraj will counteract soon, when he did not spare his daughter and used her to take revenge, he will definitely try to harm Arjun. He says he already told her to keep Arjun away from Aradhya, but she did not listen. She says it is not that easy and asks him to keep an eye on Arjun.

Veer brings Tilakraj home and tells his sister that as promised he brought her brother. She performs Tilajraj’s arti and says she was very tensed. He thanks Veer. Veer says his lawyer proved that his truck was used to

transport fake liquor, so there was no case on him at all. Tilakraj says he is happy to have a friend like him. Veer asks him to tell his regards to Aradhya and leaves. Sister says Veer is a diamond. Tilakraj says he is fond of Aradhya. Sister says even she felt same.

Aradhya checks her patient’s report and tells him his lipid profile is high, etc. Arjun enters. She sends patient and nurse out. He apologizes for the issues happening. She says it is okay. He says he needs to talk important. She asks what is it. He says he wants to be specific.

Shamsher enjoys tea in market. Veer calls him and says he is busy sipping tea while Arjun is busy in Aradhya’s hospital cabin. He should rush before Arjun proposes her. Shamsher angrily gets into car and leaves. Veer smirks.

Arjun starts talking emotionally. Aradhya gets nervous and says he needs psychiatric treatment. He continues. She says it is chilling outside and they should have ginger tea. He holds her hand and says he did not feel like this for anyone till now and after thinking for many days, he got an answer that he is going against aji amma, but he cannot go against his feelings. He kneels down and says I love you. She gets more nervous and says her patients are waiting. He stops her and says he is serious. She says she knows he is serious, but he is forgetting that their families are anemies and when they did not accept their friendship, how will they accept their love. They will fight more. He asks her to calm down, close her eyes and think about them. She closes her eyes and says if he knows that between them..He says nobody will come in between, he earlier thought they can be good friends, but gradually got attracted towards her. He continues his emotional talks and says he needs her answer. She says she likes him as a friend and she does not want to move ahead in a hurry, she needs some time to think.

Shamsher reaches hospital angrily and gets out of his car. Arjun tells Aradhya that his feelings will not change for her and he will wait for her answer. Whenever her answer is yes, he will inform Aji maa and after that, either aji amma will accept and let him live or she will kill him. He will feel aji amma’s wrath, but will protect her. He says again he will wait for her answer and leaves. Shamsher enters holding his gun.

Precap: Shamsher warns Aradhya to stay away from Arjun, else he will shoot her.

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