Piya Rangrezz 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri points gun at Vikas and is about to shoot him when maama interferes and pleads not to soot his son. Even Aditya back maama and says she will feel guilty afterwards. Bhavri shouts she was giving easy death to him and if Sher will know he tried to kill Shraddha, Sher will give him very difficult death. Maama asks how will sher know. She says if Sunehri reaches Sher and informs him, they all will be finished. Mama carries Vikas and orders his goon over phone to find and kill Sunehri.

Sher drives truck seriously. Shraddha asks him to smile as he is going back home and it is their time now. She does not like his khadoos expression. He smiles. Sunehri wearing veil over her face sees Sher’s truck passing and runs behind truck tring to stop it, but sees maama’s goons and

hides again behind trees.

Maama brings injured Vikas home. Gajra says sunehri is missing since morning and asks if they know anything. Sher enters with Shraddha, sees injured Vikas and asks who injured him. He says who dared to touch his brother when was out of house. Shraddha asks Gajra to prepare turmeric paste and hot water. Bhavri sees Sher fuming, enters her room and asks Aditya to write Sunehri’s letter that she eloped with money. He says he does not know hindi well. She says then it is good as it will look as she wrote letter in a hurry and eloped with money.

Gajra informs Shraddha and sher that Sunehri is missing since morning. Sher says would be wife is missing and husband is injured and nobody is telling anything, now he will find out what happened. Bhavri says Sunehri eloped with her money and Vikas wanted to suicide, so she hit him to make him realize how painful it is to suicide.

Sunehri reaches Bhavri’s haveli and tries to enter via garden when she sees goons searching for her and hides again.

Sher asks Bhavri what is she telling. Maama starts and says he accepted Sunehri as bahu, but she betrayed them all. Bhavri says that is the specialty of cheap dancer, she sensed opportunity and showed her true color. Maama asks what is the use of repenting now. She says it is good she eloped before marriage, only money is gone now which she will earn again. Vikas apologizes Bhavri.

Shraddha says she does not believe Sunehri can betray. Mama asks if she means they all are lying. Sher asks what she wants to say. Shraddha says when Sunehri can leave dancing to walk on a truth path and even give her whole life’s earning to them, how can she betray anyone. Bhavri says she knew she would go against her and if she does not trust, she can go to her room and check locker and even read Sunehri’s letter.

Shraddha reads Sunehri’s letter. Bhavri asks if she believes her now and says before opposing her, she should remember that she is her husband’s mother. Shraddha says this letter is not written by Sunehri. Bhavri asks if she is mad to not trust her. Sher asks shraddha how can she be so sure that Sunehri did not write this letter. Says it cannot be Sunehri’s because sunehri is an illiterate. Bhavri gets tensed.

Precap: Shraddha tells Gajra that someone is conspiring against Sunehri. Sher hears that and says she is hell bent to prove his amma wrong, now he is with his amma and will not tolerate anybody pointing at her.

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  1. Shann Saljahan

    Still watching Piya Rangrezz in Singapore and wondering when this is gonna end. A Happy Ending would b good. Till now Shradda and her husband has not been together as husband n wife. Now more problem — I will have a heart attack if it doesn’t have some happy scene. I still feel Shradda is not a good actress. Bhavri is fantastic – a real female Don!!

    • Riya

      Yaa dr same pinch am also think that shraddha is not a good actresses but vavre devi was fantastic, her dialogs was fabulous…..

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