Piya Rangrezz 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya addresses media that he forced Bhavri to marry her and Bhavri is innocent. He shoos media out. Sher watches everything from balcony. Shraddha says now he must have realized the situation.

Aditya packs his bags and apologizes Bhavri for his mistakes. He is about to leave when Sher stops him and apologizes amma/Bhavri. Maama says why is she stopping Aditya when he is accepting his mistake. Sher says neither amma is at mistake, nor Aditya is, he is at mistake instead. He says Bhavri he could not understand her feelings even after being her son. Being a mother, she gave him whatever he liked. After baba died, he could not understand void in amma’s mind. He now realized his mistake and says mama that for his happiness, amma is sending Aditya out of house, but Shraddha made

him realize that amma cannot do any mistake in inebriation. He holds his hands and apologizes Bhavri again.

Aditya apologizes Sher and says he would have taken his permission. Sher asks him to forget everything and just keep in mind that he wants his amma happy and if he tries to sadden her, he will not spare him. Aditya promises. Shradda says it is time for celebration. She says she is right and asks mama to call guest for tonight’s celebration. He hugs Bhavri, but she frowns and looks at Shraddha. He asks Bhavri to smile and just relax, he and Shraddha will take care of celebration arrangements. Bhavri frowns more seeing them going together.

Mama provokes Bhavri that Shraddha played a game and trapped her. If celebration happens, she will be defeated completely. Bhavri says celebrations will happen, but of her win.

Shraddha writes down food menu while Sumer gets busy in decoration. Sher tries to enter Bhavri’s room, but stops and knocks door. Bhavri asks him to come in and sit. He sleeps on her lap and says he is sleeping on her lap after a long time and is feeling that her happiness and angst will divide after Aditya comes in her life, so he got misbehaved with her. He is also arrogant like his amma. This will be a biggest change of life, but for her happiness, he will accept it. He wakes up and asks her to get ready for celebration. Bhavri says there is no need for this celebration. He says there is and if a word is told openly, it will be accepted and forgotten in some days, so he wants to announce her and Aditya’s marriage. Once he leaves, she thinks she will not let Shraddha win.

Aditya enters Bhavri’s room. She asks why came now. He says she made him happiest man of this world and thanks her. She says she has not accepted this relationship and will never accept it, he should understand that. He says she was worried that world will laugh at them, but Sher has accepted their relationship and will announce to the whole world. She says Sher has accepted it, but not her, it is better for him to pack his bags and leave. He says he will wait until her heart beats for him, till then he will not leave her and he is damn sure, he will reach her heart after today’s party. Bhavri says she will cancel his party right now and walks out.

Sher searches his clothes in cupboard and does not find them. Shradha enters and says this room is hers now, so she will give him whatever he wants. He asks for wallet, goggles, etc., and she gives. He says this room is hers, but she is his and tries to kiss her when Bhavri enters and asks if he is going out. He says he is getting ready for the party. Bhavri tries to trap him in a emotional drama and says she could not become an ideal mother for him and did a big mistake after inebriation, she has to accept this mistake in front of whole world. He says it is not a mistake and asks her to order what she needs. She asks him to cancel today’s celebration as she wants to sit and think how she made mistake and don’t want to show her mistake to whole world. Sher says as she likes, he will cancel party. Bhavri smiles.

Precap: Adita gives Bhavri a gift on their first marriage night and says though she has not accepted him, he has accepted her and will wait until she accepts him. She throws gift angrily.

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