Piya Rangrezz 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher reads divorce papers carefully. Vikas jokes with his broken English, isky will bireak and fall on the philoor. Bhavri asks if everything is fine. Sher says everything is perfect and leaves. Vikas also leaves with Sumer. Mama asks Bhavri why did she stretch issue for 15 days. She says she somehow with her brain preponed divorce to 15 days. He asks what about pardesi/Aditya. She says she will give him money now and after 15 days will finish his drama.

Shraddha walks towards Sher’s room subconsciously. Chanda shakes her. Shraddha says she came here thinking it is her room. Chanda says she can understand and asks why is she tolerating Bhavri’s torture. Shraddha says she just wants to see Sher happy. Sher asks who is it. Chanda says it is her and runs into room.

He asks whom she was talking to. She says no one. Sher sees Shraddha running and says she must be thinking why is he drinking, he is remarrying, so he is celebrating with alcohol. He asks her to sit next to him and enjoy alcohol. Shraddha cries seeing that. Sher forcefully gives alcohol glass to Chand and says he is very happy as he needed a life partner like her who can obey him and not argue and let him the way he is. He says there is nothing like love in this world, girls need money spending driver who can burn money on their order. He would have been very happy if she would have come in his life earlier. Shraddha runs from there. He asks Chanda to sends Sumer with another bottle.

Bhavri with mama and Vikas reaches Aditya’s room with money bags. He welcomes her and says he has made papers of properties which she needs to transfer in his name and says if she does not , she will expose her secrets in front of Sher. She should convince sher to transfer properties in 15 days, else she knows what he can do. He picks 2 bags and asks Vikas to carry other bags. Vikas says he will not but agrees on Bhavri’s order.

At night, Shraddha cries reminiscing Sher’s words. Sher enters her room, twists her hand and says it looks like she is hiding something and he does not know why. After 15 days, he will get divorce and remarry and once their relationship is finished, her tears will not affect him. She has to decide in 15 days now. Shraddha looks at calender.

Bhavri sits for dinner with mama and Vikas. Shraddha serves her food. Mama says bahu does not want to forgo her bahu’s duty. She says let her enjoy serving her past saas. Chanda walks holding bucket. Bhavri calls her and says she is would be bahu of this house and should relax and apply mehandi on her hands. Mama says she is from a poor family and does not know rich family’s culture, after marriage and once she become owner of this house, she will understand. Bhavri looks at him angrily. He says she is senior owner and Chanda is junior. Bhavri calls Sher and says she got a good idea in her mind and says she wants to start his marriage rituals now itself.

Vikas says it has been many days since he danced with dancers. Bhavri says he knows only to stuff his mouth and dance with dancers. Sunehri gets nervous. She asks Sumer and him to start arrangements. Aditya enters and says that is an amazing idea, he did not see UP style marriages and in fact he will sponsor Sher is rituals as he is part of this family. Mama says Bhavri that he took money from us and becoming daan veer karn. Bhavri says once Sher and Shraddha’s marriage happens, she will cut him into pieces. Aditya gives money to Sumer and says all arrangements should be lallantop, he wants Sher marriage to a big fat Indian wedding.

Bhavri sees Sher silent and asks why is he silent. He says when everything is going well, why should he interfere. He does not remember how his first marriage happened, he wants this marriage in a lavish way and looking at Shraddha asks Sumer to book photo and videographer also. Bhavri happily says he made her very happy today and asks him to go and rest now while she starts arrangements. Sher looks at Shraddha.

Precap: Chanda tries to elope from Bhavri’s house. Bhavri catches her and asks if she thinks she would evelope without her knowledge, she is wrong.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. I hate Shraddha now because of her drama

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