Piya Rangrezz 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Tilakraj says Veer that he wants to meet Arjun at any cost and wants to tell him that he did not try to kill Bhavri, else he will leave his daughter Aradhya. Veer shouts he is worried about his daughter instead of following his enemity. Tilakraj says Aradhya loves Arjun and does not want them to separate. Veer shoots his shoulder and says he will not spaer whoever comes in between his enemity and confesses that he is one who provoked his and Bhavri’s enemity. He used him and Aradhya to destroy Bhavri’s dynasty and now his mother Chanda will rule over Bhavri’s dynasty. He laughs and asks him to have last drink, sips himself and says after he dies, Aradhya will come to him for support and he will support her. Shamsher will not accept her and Arjun will not marry his bhabhi.

He says it is time for him to go, removes his bullet proof jacket and shoots him repeatedly to death and leaves.

Shamsher comes to Bhavri’s room calling her. Doc asks him not to make sound as Bhavri is not yet awake. Shamsher says she will awake hearing good news and says Arjun killed Tilakraj. doc says extreme happiness or sadness will take her into coma. Shamsher says if anything happens to aji amma, he will kill him. He holds Bhavri’s hand and says Arjun killed Tilakraj and he destroyed Aradhya, her both grandsons took her revenge. She opens eyes and calls Arjun.

Aradhya reaches farm house and cries loudly seeing her father’s dead body. She shakes him and he wakes up. She says nothing will happen to him. He says it is too late. She says she will not spare Arjun and Shamsher. Tilakraj says Shamsher is her husband. She says Shamsher married her forcefully and Arjun killed her. He asks her to promise that she will follow her marriage till her last breath. She promises helplessly to fulfill her father’s last wish. He dies. She shakes him and pleads to get up in no avail.

Arjun drinks alcohol in godown reminiscing shooting Tilakraj. Veer comes and Arjun asks where is Aradhya. Veer says Aradhya…Arjun asks him to tel truth. Inspector asks him to tell truth as he will know it anyhow. Veer shows him Shamsher and Aradhya’s marriage clip and says some accidents cannot be controlled even by police. Arjun shouts that Shamsher will repent for his sin and leaves. Veer smirks.

Arjun reaches Bhavri’s room. Bhavri says her 2nd tiger came. Arjun drags Shamsher out and shouts not to call him brother. Shamsher asks he is fighting with his brother instead of celebrating Tilakraj’s death. Arjun slaps him. Shamsher raises hand but stops reminiscing Bhavri’s helplessness. Arjun holds collar and asks why did not he remember his face. Shamsher asks if he cannot see Tilakraj and his daughter fooled him. Arjun strangulates his neck and says he fooled him instead. Bhavri comes out and says why did not she die before seeing brothers fighting and falls unconscious. Shamsher takes her to her room and makes her sleep on bed.

Aradhya performs Tilakraj’s last rights and reminisces his love for her. Arjun comes there and Aradhya slaps him. He says her anger is valid. He shouts to get out. He tries to speak repeatedly. She says just leave as there is nothing to talk now, one brother married her forcefully and another brother killed her father, she hates him and he should get out of her eyesight. He leaves sadly.

Chanda gets ready wearing make up and jewelry and says Veer that she is proud of him. He says she will rule over Bhavri’s dynasty now. She removes her pallu and reveals it is Veer himself who mimics his mom and has bipolar disorder like his mom. He in Chanda’s voice to kill Bhavri and get her dead body in front of her.

Precap: Bhavri tells Shamsher that only family members knew about her weapon consignment in grocery bags and asks to find out the culprit.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial is seriously FREAKING me!!! wot we didnt wanted to happened it actually happened…. KIRTIDA MISTRY if u r seeing the serial or reading our comments then plz fulfill our wish plzzzzzzzzzz come back as aradhya we really r missing the sherdha jodi and love

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